weight watchers -- day 1I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting this morning, and it was… liberating? I’m not sure if that’s a great way of describing it, but it’s all that comes to mind for now.

Stepping onto that scale, though, was painful. The highest weight i’ve ever been is 319 pounds (which I spoke about in my blog post “Beginning“), and I promised myself I would never get that heavy again. When I was weighed at Weight Watchers this morning, the scale said 318.2 pounds. At first, I was incredibly angry with myself because, at one point, not all that long ago, I had gotten down from 319 to 291, and I was just absolutely shocked that I’d all but gained back every last pound without even noticing.

Once the meeting got going, once my leader, Stephanie, talked with me personally, and once I saw just how friendly and encouraging the whole group of my weight loss peers actually turned out to be, I stopped being mad at the fact that my weight is back up towards my absolute highest, and instead I decided to be grateful that I finally decided to go to a meeting and get myself in gear.

I promised myself I’d never get back to 319, and, technically, I’ve kept that promise.

That’s a good way of looking at it, right?

For the first two weeks of my program, I’m going to be doing their “Simple Start” plan, which means that I won’t actually be counting points right now. At first, I’ll just follow the meal plans in my Simple Start booklet, and then eventually I’ll start working with the Points Plus system in a couple of weeks.

Once I saw that Simple Start actually has a grocery list and an easy menu planning feature, I got excited. This plan looks like it’s going to be easy to get going on, which is probably why it’s aptly named “Simple Start.”

Right now, I have two big goals to focus on. My first weight loss milestone will be losing 16 pounds. Losing 16 pounds means losing 5% of my body fat, which will be a very good start. Once I accomplish that goal, my next milestone will be a total loss of 31 pounds (I’ll have 15 pounds to go after losing the original 16 pounds). If I can lose a total of 31 pounds over the duration of the next few months, I’ll have officially lost 10% of my body fat.

Obviously I have a lot more weight to lose after that first 31 pounds is gone, but, for now, that’s what I’m focusing on.

My short term goal for this week is to drink a minimum of bottles of water per day.


I’m going to be putting a new blog out every Friday since that’s my meeting/weigh-in day at Weight Watchers, but my posts in between will be sporadic. Between weigh-in days, I’ll blog some of my successes and failures and maybe some meal plans, but I have no solid blogging plans for the rest of my days.

Wish me luck as I start to navigate this new way of life. This is more than a diet–this is a change that’s going to shape how I live forever.

I’ll “see you” next Friday for my second weigh-in. If my first week goes better or worse than I’m expecting, maybe I’ll see you before then.




8 thoughts on “318.2

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Part of why I wanted to blog is because 1) I wanted to have some extra accountability in a place where I can be anonymously real about my weight loss journey, and 2) I wanted to interact with others on similar journeys.

      Your encouragement means a lot.

      I will check out your blog and give you a follow.


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  1. You are, indeed, under 319! My highest ever (also at a WW years ago) was 298. Sometimes I have to remember that I may have been 261 when I started this in February, but I’ve come a lot longer than that.

    You will, too. We are capable of so much; I am excited for you. May you enjoy your peaks and have the strength to get through the valleys!

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    1. Hi, B.

      Thank you so very much for your encouraging words. This is “Hail Mary” time for me, and you have no idea how great it is to see your blog posts and read your comments on my own posts. When I went to the first WW meeting, I spoke to my leader privately afterwards, and she kept correcting me when I said “I hope I can lose the weight.” She said, “No! Not hope! You can lose it! I will get you there!”

      Your reiteration of that same idea is wonderful to hear. Thanks for being such an inspiration with your continued weight loss journey.



      1. Thank YOU for finding inspiration in me! It really makes all the tumultuous times during this journey worth it. 🙂

        You are capable of so much more than you realize, my dearest rachaelxoxo!

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    1. Hi, and thank you so much for reading my blog post and following me. I will head over to your blog directly and give you a follow as well.

      Your kind words mean so much to me. In the “real world,” people aren’t always so kind. A lot of people are not exactly rooting for the fat girl, so I am floored by the response I have gotten here.

      You are a very kind spirited person, and, for that, I am incredibly appreciative. 🙂


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