First Week In-Betweens.

Hi there.

So I’m now five days post Weight Watchers meeting number one and two days out from meeting two. This week has been full of successes and failures.

First off, my short term goal of drinking 6 bottles of water per day has been a bust. Here’s the thing: I’ve never been a big drinker. When I get up in the morning, I’ll either have a cup of coffee with some creamer, a chai tea or a green tea that I make in my Keurig, or maybe some juice if I’m feeling adventurous. At lunch I’ll have a 12 oz. bottle of seltzer water with a lime, the same at dinner, and then maybe a mineral water before bed if I can swing it. That’s it.

It’s hard for me to drink anything more than what I do those few times a day; I’ve just never been one of those people that’s been good about hydrating. I’ve been trying to push the water, but yesterday I thought I was literally going to be sick if I forced myself to drink anymore. Four 12 oz. bottles of water is as good as it gets right now, I guess. 6 bottles per day is something I’ll have to gradually work up to.

My biggest success this week, I think, has actually been with eating. I’m not going to lie to you: Friday, the day of the first meeting, was kind of a hot mess. I wasn’t really prepared to start on Friday, to be honest. I hadn’t gone to the grocery store to stalk up on healthy food before the Weight Watchers meeting because I wasn’t sure what I should be getting, and I actually didn’t go to the store and get what I needed until Sunday. Friday is a day that I’d love to just strike from the record–it wasn’t a day that I happened to make good choices. Saturday was marginally better (and if I had been counting points instead of doing Simple Start, I’d have been 100% on target–I wouldn’t have had points to spare, but I’d have been on target). By the time Sunday rolled around, though, I felt like I had finally found my groove!

Since Sunday, I’ve been pretty much perfect with my eating! I’ve been eating tons of fruits and vegetables, lots of lean poultry and fish, plain Shredded Wheat and plain Cream of Wheat, 1% milk or Silk soymilk, and the only breads I’ve consumed have been Thomas’ light 100 calorie English muffins and Kroger brand 100 calorie multigrain sandwich slims. I’ve swapped out mayo for Dijon mustard on my sandwiches (which has been kind of torturous since I’ve never, ever liked mustard) and I’ve also used non-fat Greek yogurt as a substitute for mayo when I made canned tuna fish. So I am definitely feeling good about the choices I’ve been making food-wise since Sunday.

When I’ve felt like snacking, I’ve reached for a piece of fruit instead of potato chips, and last night at dinner I passed on potato salad and piled on the leafy greens instead. I haven’t had any coffee or tea either; I’ve only been drinking water aside from the one time I broke down (on Monday) and had half of a diet cherry limeade from Sonic when I needed to satisfy a craving for something sweet. The soda didn’t do much for me, so that’s why I only drank half, but since it was diet (and zero calories) and since I’m actually allowed to have diet soda on the Simple Start plan, I wasn’t super concerned about that.

But now I’m two days out from meeting two, and I’m actually really nervous–probably more nervous than I was last week when I went to the first meeting. I’m worried because my choices food-wise on Friday and Saturday were far from perfect, and I’m worried that that’s going to be reflected by the numbers that the scale flashes on Friday morning. What if  I’ve gained weight? Or what if the numbers on the scale stay the same–what if I haven’t lost any weight at all?

A big part of the reason why I wanted to physically go to Weight Watchers meetings is because of the accountability associated with it. I wanted to have to weigh-in once a week and be held accountable for my choices. I know that Weight Watchers works. If you happened to read my very first blog post, you might remember that I mentioned the fact that I lost over 25 pounds by following Weight Watchers to the best of my ability through online resources and a cookbook I bought at a bookstore. 25 pounds slid off without me bothering to even exercise, so I know from experience that if you follow the plan, it works. I stopped following the plan, hence why I’m now back to weighing 318.2 pounds… That’s why I need meetings. Right now, I’m not at a point in my life where I can do this by myself. I’m not at a point where I can stick to this lifestyle without a support system and without having someone to answer to.

But sometimes answering to someone is not an easy thing.

I’m also nervous because I haven’t exercised this week. I can give you a million excuses as to why I haven’t, but what it really boils down to is that I haven’t made the time to do it. If you want something badly enough, you make time for it. Period. Exercise is something I must make time for.

Tomorrow morning my puppy and I are going to go for a mile-long walk. That’s a good start, right?

I am hoping that my pup and I can get into the routine of walking one mile per day, seven days a week. That’s how I want to break myself into exercising.


Lastly, I really want to say thank you to those of you who’ve commented on and liked my posts and for those that have followed my blog or even just read my posts without doing any of that this week. It means so much to have your support in any and every way. My support system out here in the “real world” is flimsy at best (I’m surrounded by enablers, plain and simple), and knowing that there are people out there who have overcome hurdles like the ones I am trying to overcome and that there are people actually rooting for my success and not encouraging me to “just have one slice of pizza or a small sliver of cake because a little won’t hurt!” means so, so, so much to me. I don’t think you guys will ever know how much I truly appreciate your simple encouragements and your own willingness to share things about your own journeys.

I hope each of you reading this–each of you that happens to be navigating your own weight loss journey right now–is in good spirits this week. Have you had a good week? I surely hope so.

I’ll “see you” all on Friday for my second weigh-in. Wish me luck.



2 thoughts on “First Week In-Betweens.

  1. You’re so sweet.

    It is a marathon, not a sprint m’lady! I think you’ve done great over the first week. It’s not easy to change habits and switch gears, much less all of them at the same time. One step at a time and one foot in front of the other.

    I know, I’m not super patient with results either but, eventually your pants will fall down and it will be awesome. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know, I know–I need to be patient! I’ve never been a patient person, so this adventure will be no different. I need to learn to relax and take baby steps! It’s taken me a lifetime to put all this weight on–it’s only natural that it’d take a bit of time to come off 🙂

    Thanks, B!



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