309. 309. 309. 309. 309. 309.

I lost 9.2 pounds in one week!

When I stepped onto the scale this morning before the start of my second Weight Watchers meeting, I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. When I opened my eyes and saw that the scale said an even 309, the first words out of my mouth were “That can’t be right! It’s not possible!”

But it is possible. It is.

And that’s exactly what the woman behind the counter said before she gave me a huge hug and announced to my leader that I’d had a fantastic first week!

I am blown away by my progress–just absolutely blown away. I know that this isn’t typical and I know that this isn’t the kind of loss I should get used to seeing on a weekly basis, but oh my God did this feel good. I was hoping and praying for a loss between 1 and 3 pounds, but I never, ever expected to lose nearly 10 pounds in 7 days.

My leader told me that this is my body’s way of adjusting. Instead of dumping garbage into my body this week (like the fast food, soda, pasta, bread, and whatever else I could typically get my hands on that I’m so used to), I gave my body healthy foods. I ate fruits and veggies, lean poultry and fish,  and cut back on 99% of my bread intake. I lost this weight because over the course of one week, I pretty much changed my whole life. If I continue to eat like this, my leader says I’ll lose weight, but it won’t happen in such rapid succession. From here on out, my body isn’t going to be so shocked when I treat it how I should’ve been treating it for 22 years–it’s not going to go into shock when I eat healthy, when I stop pouring sugar down my throat.

I am so, so happy right now. When I finally got over the shock of seeing this number on the scale this morning, I actually started to cry right there in the middle of Weight Watchers. I’ve lost weight before, sure, but this feels different somehow. Maybe I’m really ready this time–really ready to make a forever change and not just a temporary one. Maybe I’m finally ready to turn my life around!

Because I did so well this week, my leader, Stephanie, made a big deal about it during the meeting, and my weight loss peers and companions were so happy and excited for me that I just about started crying for the second time. The reactions of all of the people at the meeting this morning and, in turn, my reaction to their reactions is the reason why I know that physically attending Weight Watchers meetings (versus doing it online or just on my own) is the right move for me. I need this. I need to have group support like this. This part of the journey is my favorite part–interacting with other people just like me makes me happy and it gives me the extra motivation I need to keep pushing forward.

After all of the weight loss congratulations were finished, the focus of today’s Weight Watchers meeting was basically to discuss “last straws.” What was your last straw? What was the moment you finally woke up and said, I need to make a change–my life cannot go on like this?

For me, the answer to those questions is simple. I decided to make a change because every single morning when I woke up, I felt like I was drowning because I knew that I was missing out on life. I was drowning in sadness and envy. Right now, I can’t do things that other thinner people can do. Before summer, I can’t get ready for swimsuit season and confidently just throw on a bikini. I can’t go on weekend trips to Vegas because I can’t afford to buy the 2 seats on an airplane that I’m sure the airlines will force me to buy. I can’t take a yoga class because I can’t move my body in the ways that thinner people can. I can’t randomly go hike 14ers (which is a big deal where I live–right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains) because I get incredibly worn out after exerting very little energy. I’m not even 22-years-old yet, but I still really feel like life is passing me by. I feel like my life isn’t nearly as meaningful as it could be because of my weight, and that is a good enough reason to make a change.

What about the rest of you guys? What was your last straw? What made you finally decide to lose weight?


I’m going to leave you to sit and ponder that question now.

Wish me luck as I start my new week today. Let’s hope I continue to see weight loss–even if it’s not quite so drastic this coming week!



6 thoughts on “309.0

  1. Hello, Deborah!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so, so much to me. I’m riding an incredible high right now. This day is one I will need to remember when I inevitably hit a wall. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it! I just need to keep repeating that. 🙂

    I will head over to your blog and check it out right now! Thanks again for dropping me a line!


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