Hello, my blogosphere friends!

This is just a quick post; I don’t have much to say, really…

It’s just that, today–for the first time throughout this journey–I was actually able to see my weight loss.

I have lost 20.6 lbs. so far, and I had heard many, many times before that 20 lbs. would be noticeable. Everyone claims that every 10 lbs. lost is one dress size, but I guess clothes just don’t fit my body that way. Are my clothes looser? Yes, absolutely. But is it time to buy the next size smaller? I don’t think so. After losing 20.6 lbs., my clothes aren’t falling off of me. My jeans are a little baggy in the back, and my bras aren’t fitting quite right anymore, but 20 lbs. lost just hasn’t made such a drastic difference that I could actually physically see it.

Until today, that is.

Earlier, I was lying on my bed with my feet propped up against the headboard. I was talking on the phone with one of my girlfriends, and I was tuning out just a little bit while she was going on and on about something. Suddenly, I found myself looking at my thighs.

Before I started this journey, I absolutely, positively hated my thighs. My thighs were basically 100% cellulite and they were horribly shaped. As I looked at them today, though–I mean really looked at them–I noticed that they are smaller than they once were! There is not nearly as much wiggle jiggle going on these days! To be honest, they’re looking pretty good!

I haven’t been measuring myself, but I’m starting to think I really should be doing that because I might be able to see even more drastic results there.

The first time you can physically see weight loss is so, so exciting.

And that’s why I wanted to share with you guys tonight.

Today is a good day!



3 thoughts on “Thighs.

  1. That’s great!! Yeah, every 10 pounds being a new size must be for a certain height or weight range. It’s more like 15- 20 pounds for me! And I carry a lot of extra weight in my stomach area.

    Congrats! You’re doing it!!!

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  2. Yea! One piece of advice: Keep that one piece that you wore when every thing else was too tight. Keep it so when you finish this journey you can put it on and be amazed.
    I had a pink blouse that I wore because every thing else was too tight. I grew to hate that blouse so I gave it away. I wish I had it back.
    I know it may be cold where you live but get out the bathing suit and take a full picture. I did in Summer 2013 & Summer 2014, same bathing suit, big difference. I’m so glad I did. It is amazing.
    I’m so proud of you, amazing days are ahead for you.

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  3. I am all about taking measurements! I used to do them weekly but am down to first new monthly weigh in day to do it. Maybe the nerd in me likes the statistics of my own accomplishments. Like I’m gonna have a trading card someday or something. Hahaha.

    Anyway, I really suggest you take them soon before you lose much more (sounds like you’re on a roll btw!). You will be astonished and inspired by your own progress, I swear. Don’t rely on scale alone!

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