295.2 (…again)

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.31.10 AM

Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Weight Last Week: 295.2 lbs.
Current Weight: 295.2 lbs.
Weekly Change: 0 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 23 lbs.


Hi, friends!

As you can see, I didn’t lose any weight this week. I also didn’t gain any weight, so that, in and of itself, can be considered somewhat of a victory. One week of maintaining weight is OK. It’s not the end of the world. I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t a little bit bummed out that I didn’t lose this week, but I do understand that this is all part of the journey. I knew going into this that I wouldn’t be losing weight every week. Knowing that, however, doesn’t make this any less of a bummer.

This past week, I was crazy hungry. For those of you who read my post “Eating,” you’ll remember that I talked about struggling to use all of my daily PointsPlus allowance. Well, this past week, I came pretty darn close to using all of my points each day–that’s how hungry I was.

Here’s a look at what my week was like point-wise:

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.43.24 AM

Typically, I don’t eat nearly as much. I did a whole lot of snacking this past week–a lot of which was done late at night, which is something I’ve been working really hard to avoid. My sleep schedule was way off track this week, too. I’m not sure why, but it was. That, combined with the fact that I’m a senior in college and I’m just 3 weeks out from completing this semester (which means stress levels are through the roof!) made for a lot of late nights. As I was up studying for tests and writing papers, I’d get hungry and snack. My biggest problem this week aside from that was what I was snacking on. As you can see from the chart, I did manage to maintain my daily allowance each day. However, I didn’t exactly do that by eating super healthy foods. I told myself that what I was eating was OK because I was still doing well point-wise, but I knew that the added carbs and sugars weren’t doing me any favors.

All of that could’ve definitely contributed to my lack of a loss this week. So, I stayed back after my Weight Watchers meeting today to speak privately with my leader, Stephanie, and she gently reminded me that, yes, staying within my daily point range is super important, but what’s even more important than that is to be mindful of what I’m eating. She suggested adding in snacks with more protein or fiber versus more sugar or carbs, which I’ll be mindful to do this week. I know that snacking is OK–I just need to make sure that I’m snacking on healthy foods!

Also, the Red Tide is approaching, so that could be the reason behind all of this, too; the off kilter sleeping habits, the extra hunger, maintaing my weight, etc. can all certainly be explained away by that.

Or, as several of the gals in my Weight Watchers meeting said today: maybe it’s just one of those weeks. Sometimes even when you do what you have to do you don’t lose. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

I am hopeful that things will be better this week and that I’ll see a loss this coming Friday!


My goal for this week is to be extra careful about what I’m consuming. I’m going to focus on snacking on things with a higher content of protein and/or fiber, and I’m not going to indulge at all this week. I’ve had enough “indulgences” this past week with all of the extra sugar I consumed, so I can do without this week!


I hope you’ve all had a lovely week, and I hope that the upcoming week is successful all around.



12 thoughts on “295.2 (…again)

  1. While maintaining can be disappointing, it’s still awesome!!! To put this in perspective, how would you have handled these stressful weeks in the past? The changes you have made in your life are amazing! Hold that close to you as you go through these next few weeks!

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    1. Thanks so much for always encouraging me, Alison! I appreciate it so much. As usual, you’re right–I have made some really incredible changes in my life. Typically, when I start to feel out of control (like I usually do in stressful situations), I binge to try to get myself to feel like I’m back in control of something (backwards logic, right?). I have managed to avoid doing that, though! Even when I’m making not-so-great choices, they aren’t nearly as bad or excessive as they were just 9 weeks ago. That’s an accomplishment in and of itself.

      Thanks for reminding me of that!

      I hope you have a very successful week, Alison! I’m not sure where you live, but half of the U.S. is going to get massive winter storms within the next week or so. If it hits your area, stay safe and warm! 🙂


    1. Thank you for that encouragement! I like that line of thinking! I’m trying hard not to be so down on myself after just one week of maintaining. It’s just that I’ve just done so well so far that little bumps like this are a bummer…

      Anywho, thanks for stopping by, commenting, and following! I’ll go check out your blog now and give you a follow directly. I appreciate that you are interested in my journey! ❤

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  2. One thing I know from weighing myself every day is that my weight doesn’t fall in a linear downward progression each day. It’s a series of small peaks and troughs, ups and downs, and taking any one of those as a measure on a weekly basis can make it appear that I’ve lost weight, maintained weight, or put on weight compared with a previous measure.

    Of course you feel disappointed that your scales showed no loss this week. Allow yourself that because it’s a very natural feeling, but use that feeling to spur you on to achieve your long-term goals. Don’t lose sight of where you were before, where you are today, and what you’ve achieved already. You’ve lost TWENTY-THREE POUNDS!! You know how good that feels, and you know the way to keep feeling that good is to keep going, no matter what.

    The secret of success is simply to never give up.

    It’s a long journey, and I’m right there with you.

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    1. Thank you so much for your support. It means so much to me that you always read my posts and offer me encouragement.

      I know that 23 lbs. is a great accomplishment, and I am proud of myself. I absolutely know that I have to keep going.

      Your comment has sincerely helped me today. I have been on the brink of being out of control all morning. I’ve eaten WAY more than I should’ve already (which isn’t good considering it’s 11:24 AM where I am), and I knew what I was doing the whole time I was slipping. I was muttering excuses in the back of my mind like, “I can make up for this the rest of the week. It’s only Saturday and my weeks start on Friday” — among other things.

      But you’re absolutely right. I want to keep feeling good, thus I need to keep going. I can’t let myself take any backward steps. I’ve worked too hard to stop now!

      Thank you for commenting. I needed it today! ❤

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  3. With that crazy week it sounds to me like maintaining was actually a huge win so congrats!!! Maintains and gains will always be a bummer, but you sound like you have a great attitude! Find wins for the week anyway, learn anything you can from it and keep moving forward!
    Have you found healthy ways that are helping you get closer to your daily points? I’m having the same problem!

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    1. Thanks, Gen! I appreciate the encouragement! It definitely was a crazy week — I should probably be happier that I didn’t gain! Haha.

      I haven’t done well so far with finding things higher in fiber and/or protein. I’m struggling this week and I’m only two days in. :/

      Although, I have been eating avocados, which a lot of the people on here have told me is a good way to add “healthy fats” into my diet. 1/2 an avocado is 4PP, and a full one is 9PP. The number of points I have to kill is the deciding factor in how much of one I eat. I have also been eating honey, which I have heard has several health benefits. 2 Tbsp. is 4PP. I drink a lot of tea, and I’ve been adding the honey to my tea instead of milk, and I’ve also tried spreading it on toast in the mornings in lieu of butter (not a huge fan of this, though).

      Someone at my WW meeting told me a good high fiber snack is almond butter (which she said is 3PP per Tbsp.) on top of an unsalted rice cake (1PP). I have not tried this, but I am going to buy some tomorrow when I go to get my groceries. Hopefully it’s tasty!

      If you figure anything else out, let me know, because I’m definitely still trying to find things!

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