Hi, all!

This is a short blog, and I’m hoping at least a few of my 50 followers might be logged on right this very second and up for a short reading!

My cousin is in town, and she didn’t warn me beforehand—she just showed up. She wants me to meet her at her hotel in about an hour to have a couple of drinks at the bar. Since starting Weight Watchers 10 weeks ago, I’ve only had one drink (apple sangria), and I made sure to budget all day long for it.

I have 12 PointsPlus to spare tonight (plus my weekly 49 splurge points that I don’t EVER use), and I want to really try my best to stay on track here and not go crazy at the bar.

What are some good, low-cal, low point alcoholic beverages? I text a girl from my Weight Watchers meeting group to ask her, and she told me to order a rum and Diet Coke. The thing is, I gave up soda ages ago—long before I even started Weight Watchers—so I’m a bit hesitant to order a soda-based beverage just so I can have a drink at the bar…

Do you guys have any other suggestions for me?



7 thoughts on “Advice?

    1. Thank you! Anything helps. I am not a soda drinker (diet or otherwise), so that was going to be a very last resort! And, honestly, it’s OK if it doesn’t taste spectacular–that means I’ll have an easier time drinking it slowly! 😉

      Thanks so much! ❤


      1. Neither am I, but soda is just carbonated water. Not like lemonade or coke or anything, just plain soda water. Or you could have some wine.. If you think about it, yes it’s higher in cal but it’s also more natural than the other stuff. So idk, it’s just what I do!

        You’re so welcome! xx

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      2. In my neck of the woods, soda is a general term for Coke or whatever–it’s flavored stuff. We call just the plain soda water (without the syrup or whatever) seltzer water. 🙂

        Different dialects 😉 haha!

        But I will definitely order that and see how it goes!


      3. Haha dang it, I realised after I had said it. Yeah we call it soda water too, but when I order at the bar you just say “vodka, soda, lime”. Duh, should have made that clearer haha!

        Good luck and HAVE FUN! Don’t stress too much about the cals and all of that x

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