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Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Weight Last Week: 285.6 lbs.
Current Weight: 283.6 lbs.
Weekly Change: –2.0 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 34.6 lbs.

Hello, friends!

I had another successful week! It feels so good to be able to tell you that. My mind is in a better place these days, you know? Today marks the start of week 14 of my journey, and since it’s December 12th, that also means that I attended my very first Weight Watchers meeting exactly 3 months ago! It’s strange to think that I’ve been doing this for that long already.

I managed to lose another 2 lbs. this week, which I am very happy about! I was a measly 0.4 lbs. away from hitting a total loss of 35 lbs. It would’ve been nice to hit that today because I do like to celebrate every 5 lbs. lost, but oh well. No big deal. I’ll get it next week for sure! 😀

Today at my Weight Watchers meeting, they unveiled the “new” 2015 program. Honestly, not much has changed. PointsPlus and Simply Filling are still the same as always. The changes, to me, mostly seem geared toward making it even easier to live on program. Monthly pass subscribers (which I am!) now have access to a 24/7 chatline. We can call or get online to chat with a Weight Watchers rep day or night if we have any questions or if we’re having a problem. There was a huge new poster in the meeting room today promoting it, and in big, bold letters it said, “Snack attack?” That gave us all a good laugh. I’ll make sure to take advantage of the chatline when I’m standing in front of my refrigerator at 2 AM! Maybe someone will finally be able to convince me to keep regular hours! 😉

In all seriousness, though, I think this is a great idea. Knowing that there’s support at all times is amazing. I love that Weight Watchers is going to do this for us! Also, if you pay a little extra each month, there’s now the option of having a one-on-one personal coach, too, so if you need extra help, you’ll get it! I’m not personally planning to take advantage of this new feature, but I still think it’s nice that the option is there!

Christmas is officially just 13 days away, and I feel confident about it. I made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving unscathed, so I know that Christmas is another holiday that I’ll be able to make it through. I know that some people host huge Christmas dinners, but we’ve never done that in my family. We always eat dinner out at a restaurant on Christmas Eve, though, but this year we’ll be doing that at Applebee’s, so I know that I’ll be able to go out and eat on plan.

My parents still do Christmas stockings, and there’s usually always a lot of sweets and other foods and restaurant gift cards in there, but I’ve asked them repeatedly to leave all of that out of the stocking they make for me this year, and I hope they’re planning to respect that request.

My 22nd birthday is in 16 days, and I’m more worried about that then I am about Christmas. My past birthdays have always involved a lot of food. My best friend always takes me out for breakfast the day of (and booze, too, now that we’re old enough) and it’s never the kind of breakfast you feel good about eating afterwards.

My family always takes me out for a big Italian dinner (my favorite) the day of, and the calories that I’ve consumed during birthday dinners in the past is shameful. Even for “normal” people it’s hard to go out and eat Italian food without going overboard because Italian food is essentially just one big carb overload, but I tend to go above and beyond what’s considered “normal.” I’ve tried to pre-plan this year, and in the process I looked up the nutritional value of my typical birthday dinner meal: 930 cal., 42 g. fat, 105 g. carbs, 6 g. fiber, 29 g. protein for the main dish (which works out to 24PP) + the spumoni that they always bring out because it’s my birthday: 180 cal., 9 g. fat, 21 g. carbs, 0 g. fiber, 3 g. protein (which is 5PP) + the Italian sodas and white wine I usually end up drinking, too, which I have no nutritional information for. However, even without knowing all of the nutritional information, together all of that food and those drinks adds up to well over 1,000 calories and 50 grams of fat in one meal.

After my birthday dinner, we typically always go back to a family member’s house to eat cake and drink coffee (yes, even after all of that food from dinner we still continue to eat). My dad makes this incredible pineapple upside down cake for my birthday every year, and he makes it using cherry juice in place of water. It’s my absolute favorite dessert. I have no idea what the nutritional content of that cake is, but you can bet that it’s terrible, too.

Mix all of that up with the sugar and booze-laden breakfast courtesy of my best friend plus whatever food I typically shoved down my throat for lunch and then the added 21 and over bonus of closing the night out at a pub with the rest of my friends where more drinks and food are consumed until well into the next morning, and you’ve got nothing more than a gigantic binge that’s usually written off by saying “but it’s my birthday!”

Not. Good.

My dad is not supportive of me wanting to tone it down for my birthday this year. He thinks I’ve become obsessed with counting points and that I never allow myself any “indulgences” anymore. He thinks that eating poorly on your birthday is totally acceptable because it’s just one day a year.

I disagree.

I know this year is going to be a struggle for me because I don’t think anyone around me is going to try to be encouraging. I think everyone is going to do the complete opposite, actually, and I’m concerned that too much bating from my friends and family will have me falling off the wagon.

I have a game plan to try to avoid that, and I just have to hope that I can stay true to myself and get through the day without eating myself into a frenzy. My mind is in the right place and I totally know that I’m capable of eating on plan, but I also know how easy it is to give in to temptation when you’re surrounded by a bunch of enablers.

Maybe I should just celebrate my birthday by myself this year! It’d sure be easier that way. 😉

Anywho. That’s what’s going on. I’m sorry I bombarded you with so much today! My upcoming birthday festivities have just been weighing heavily on me and having an audience that will be supportive about my want to be healthy is a wonderful outlet in which to vent. 🙂

My goal for this week is to drink more water! I’ve been taking extra time to track my water intake lately, and I’m not saying hydrated well enough, so I’m really going to push myself to drink more this week. Other than that, I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing because it’s working!

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Eat well. Be well.



17 thoughts on “283.6

    1. Thanks so much, Deborah! I appreciate your kindness so much, as always! ❤

      When I was pre-planning for dinner on my birthday, I scrounged the online restaurant menu for something decently healthy, and I found a spinach and cheese ravioli dish that's 12PP—which is half the points of what I usually order! Instead of drinking a million things at dinner, too, they serve a couple of different "skinny" cocktails there, one of which is only 2PP, so I am going to order that and then stick to water beyond that! I am going to eat the spumoni (5PP), I think, and let that be my one "indulgence" of the day because I just LOVE ice cream and I haven't had any non-diet ice cream since I started my journey!

      So for the whole meal, that puts me at 19PP (if I were to eat it all, which I don't know that I will). I get 46PP for the whole day, so if I'm mindful of what I'm eating, I should be 100% OK. I sent my dad a WW coconut cake recipe that's only 4PP per slice, too, should he feel so inclined to make a cake, though I told him he definitely doesn't have to and that I'd actually prefer he didn't! Even if he does make the cake, I don't actually think I'll be eating it, but at least there won't be cake that I love sitting around to tempt me!

      And then I already convinced my best friend to switch our birthday breakfast place to this little café that makes delicious, healthy breakfasts (along with traditional sugary, greasy dishes, too). She agreed with no argument, so I will be A-OK for that part of the day!

      My whole day is planned already, and it works out completely in my favor. Now I just have to stick to it even when everyone around me inevitably tries to throw me off track!

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  1. Congratulations you are doing so well.

    With reference to the way your dad feels you don’t indulge on your birthday I’m having the same from my mom with Christmas. I asked if she would only buy one tin of chocolate this year so that I wouldn’t be as tempted to splurge she kicked up a fuss “it’s Christmas, there’s nice food and you should relax and just have some fun” and the best one “think about dieting after Christmas – make it your new years resolution.” I know she means well but I’m determined NOW with my weight loss and I don’t plan on losing weight so every special occasion I can scoff like a cow! I personally think having a little of something nice, having a treat but not going overboard is totally acceptable. I plan to have chocolate over Christmas I just plan to only have a few not a bowl full etc.

    Anyway I am blabbering!

    You did awesome, and the new weight watchers schemes sound amazing x

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    1. I feel the same way that you do! I absolutely believe in the occasional indulgence and doing what you can to be “normal” (and “normal” CERTAINLY includes sometimes having chocolate or, in my case, pasta!) but I’m also not working as hard as I am just so that I can turn around and overeat on “acceptable” occasions.

      I know what I need and don’t need to be eating, and I wish my dad could see that. I wish your mom could see it in your case, too!

      Why put off until tomorrow what you could do today? That’s what I say. I think we’re awesome for wanting to do this BEFORE the New Year. We didn’t wait around—we just decided to do it now! In my opinion, being healthy isn’t something to put off until later. A lot of people don’t realize that—I know it took me much longer then it should’ve to realize it… And, unfortunately, my family still doesn’t realize and accept that idea. But that’s why I love this blogging community! I know that I can find understanding here! 🙂

      So thanks for the support! It means a lot to me and it’s so appreciated! ❤

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  2. You have done awesome, especially with holidays, you deserve a treat once in a while. Don’t go overboard on your birthday but have the things you like in Moderation! Remember Moderation is always the key. I also asked my mom to leave all the bad stuff out of my stocking this year. Too much temptation.

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    1. Thanks so much!

      I sort of do see this as a treat because I’m still planning to have pasta. I looked at the restaurant’s online menu, and they have a spinach and cheese ravioli dish that’s only 12PP, which is half the points of what I normally get. I love spinach + cheese, and I also really like ravioli! So I don’t think that I’m being too crazy here. I’m still going to get to have my pasta, and I’m also planning to have my spumoni, too (that’s really my big indulgence of the day because I absolutely LOVE ice cream and I haven’t had any non-WW or non-Skinny Cow ice cream since I started this program!). That’s a grand total of 17PP + 2 more points for a skinny cocktail and I’m all set. I think that’s a good compromise: 19PP for an alcoholic drink, a pasta dish, AND spumoni vs. 24PP for one plate of pasta. I am honestly OK with that trade and don’t feel cheated. The way I see it is, no, I don’t have to eat salad and grilled chicken on my birthday, but I also don’t have to eat 1,000+ calories in one sitting.

      My dad thinks I’m totally obsessive about my healthy diet now, but I think I’m still doing OK! I don’t think I’m being too restrictive… I have seen the other side of the spectrum with binge eating, so I think I’d know if I was getting a little crazy now in this direction… or at least I hope I’d know haha! 😉

      But thank you so much for your support and kindness! It means so much to me! Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one to ask for no sugary stocking stuffers! You’re right: it’s way too much temptation!


  3. I am all about planning as much as possible in advance! So, arm yourself with your plans. If you feel like you want a little something extra, maybe have a taste instead of a whole thing. Or, you could share with someone!

    You have done so, so well and consistently risen above peer pressure to just let go. I know how you feel about control, and the idea of just “letting go” of that control now makes me extremely nervous. I’ve been getting a lot of pressure at work lately with all the food-related events we have been having, but I haven’t been tempted, and I haven’t strayed. I know this probably won’t always be the case, but at least it is for now 🙂 Fortunately, I have been the one in charge of planning all the activities, so that helps with my other plans.

    I don’t believe in “cheat days.” I think the mentality that you are cheating lends itself to this being a temporary fix rather than a lifestyle change. What I do say is that you have those 49 weekly Points for a reason. No matter what happens, as long as you track it, you have nothing to feel bad about.

    We’re all in your corner, cheering you on! Your drive and dedication are inspiring, and I’m so glad we found each other.

    PS- I snuck on the scale today, and we are still 2 lbs apart! It’s so funny! I was 285.6 this morning!

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      1. Thanks! I wanted to get festive! I absolutely LOVE Christmas. My house is decorated to the nines. This is my favorite time of year, so I had to have the blog represent that! 😉


    1. You and I have talked before about control issues on another blog that I wrote! I am a big planner. I do not, even in the slightest, like to feel out of control. So I have been pre-planning this for weeks now! Haha! 🙂

      Like I told the other girls above, I am still going to go out on my birthday and I’m still going to have a good time, my goal is simply to be mindful and make better choices than I normally do. My plan is to have spinach + cheese ravioli (12PP), spumoni (5PP) and a skinny cocktail (2PP). That’s a total of 19PP for ALL of that vs. the 24PP for the one plate of pasta I typically consume. This is a choice I can feel good about making without moping afterwards! Haha! I don’t have to eat something bland on my birthday—I know this. I also don’t have to eat 1,000+ calories in one sitting, though.

      I’m so proud of you for not being tempted by the holiday food at your work! Woo hoo! Good for you! That’s awesome! 😀

      And I 100% agree with you about “cheat” days, too. People have a lot of opinions about that, but I just don’t agree with the idea. The whole point of WW is that you’re supposed to be able to eat whatever you want. A girl in my meeting talked about that on Friday. She said she was craving a whopper with cheese from Burger King for weeks. She finally made a plan and budgeted her day so that she could eat it, and she did. She said she felt zero guilt about it afterwards because it wasn’t “cheating.” She planned to eat it, and she managed the rest of her day accordingly. She said that that allowed her to actually savor the burger, too, instead of just scarfing it down because she was doing something “bad.” She told us that that’s the moment that she realized that she could eat like this for the rest of her life—because this is a lifestyle! You don’t have to cheat in life! You just have to start making better, different decisions, and that doesn’t exactly mean that you can’t eat Burger King (or whatever).

      Thanks so much for always supporting me and cheering me on, Alison! I’m glad we found each other, too! Like I’ve told you before, I feel particularly connected to you and your story and journey because we are just so similar! 🙂 I can’t believe you’re trailing me by exactly 2 lbs. still! That was my exact weight last week!


  4. Congrats on your progress! I am glad that Weight Watchers is working out for you. I originally started at 252.2lbs and joined WW with my mom in March 2012. From that point to August 2012 I lost 30 lbs and felt great! But I turned 21, had a big party with lots of booze and food and then just pretty much fell off the wagon after that. I gained back almost all of what I lost, getting back up to 245lbs. I started using My Fitness Pal because it’s free, lost another 15 lbs on that and then of course, gained it back again.

    I hope you stick to it and don’t let things throw you off your path. I regret some of the choices I’ve made between then and now, knowing that I could probably be at my goal weight now if I hadn’t made stupid mistakes during the last couple years.

    I am new to your blog but I will be following you from now on! You’re doing great 🙂


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    1. Hi, Amber!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog and following! I’m happy that you’re here! Your support and interest means a lot to me—seriously! 🙂

      We’ve all made bad choices a time or two when it comes to falling off the wagon with a weight loss plan. Before I officially joined WW 3 months ago, I tried to “do it myself” in the summer of 2013 by following blogs and Pinterest boards online and buying a Weight Watchers cookbook at the bookstore. It worked! I lost over 25lbs. just by changing my eating habits—I didn’t even exercise.

      Then, just like you, I turned 21. I spent my birthday weekend at a casino and drank an ungodly amount of alcohol and stuffed my face like nobody’s business at the all-you-can-eat buffet. At the time, I’d successfully given up soda for months, and I ended up falling so far off the wagon that weekend that I even started drinking soda again alongside all of the booze and food. I don’t eat pork (and haven’t since I was a teenager), but the morning after my 21st birthday, we went to a greasy diner and drank Bloody Marys and ate these 1/2lb. PORK chorizo breakfast burritos that were probably 2,000 calories at least. Literally all of my principals food-wise went out the door last year when I turned 21.

      21 is a hard birthday to get through when you’re trying to be healthy—I know!

      By the time I started WW for real 3 months ago, I’d all but gained every last pound back. My highest known weight was 319 (which is what I weighed when I decided to do WW myself), and when I weighed-in at WW for the first time this past Sept., I weighed 318.2.

      So I empathize with you, Amber. I really do. I know how it goes!

      Thanks so much for your support, and I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey, too! I’ll head over to your blog right now and check it out and give you a follow! 😀

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  5. girl, you are a motivation to me. Even if your family and friends don’t support you, know that you have TONS of people on here who have your back!!! You can TOTALLY accomplish anything your heart desires, and by the sounds of it, your heart is fully invested. Keep up the fabulous work, my dear!

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  6. Thanks so much for your support!

    I’m happy to be a motivation. You are a motivation to me, too! I love all of your inspirational quotes! 🙂

    This blogging community is the best, and I’m so thankful that I decided to blog about my journey and that all of these fantastic people (including you!) came into my life because of it. I get so much support from my WW meetings and from this blog that, most of the time, it doesn’t matter to me what other people think or say now. I’ve got enough support through these outlets that I feel like I can make it through the hard times! ❤

    I am fully invested in this process. I want to be a better, healthier, happier version of me. These changes are long overdue! Honestly, it's sickening to me that I let myself get to almost 320 lbs. I wish I would've taken control of this problem 100 lbs. ago! How I let myself get so far out of control is beyond me… But that doesn't matter now! It is what it is and I just have to keep pushing forward and make the changes now! ❤


  7. Another fantastic result. You are doing so well, you really are. It’s great to read your post and hear how confident you’ve become. It’s also good to hear you talk about your birthday, recognising the danger. Just remember, no-one is going to put food in your mouth except you. You are in total control of that. Don’t worry what people say, you have the strength to see this through. And anyone who isn’t yet supportive is going to come round to it sooner or later, when they start to recognise just what you’re achieving and what you’re capable of.

    Well done 🙂


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