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Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Weight Last Week: 283.6 lbs.
Current Weight: 282.0 lbs.
Weekly Change: –1.6 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 36.2 lbs.

Hello, friends!

Today was the last weigh-in before Christmas! I can’t believe that the third of the Holy Trifecta (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) is already upon us. I still feel that I’m going strong and that I’m going to be OK! I am down another 1.6 lbs. this week, and a loss is a loss is a loss! Anytime the weight comes off, I find myself happy and satisfied. My total loss is now 36.2 lbs., which means that I am now only 11.6 lbs. away from hitting my 15% target (a loss of 47.8 lbs., which is a weight of 270.4 lbs.).

Typically I expect to lose between 2.0 and 2.8 lbs. per week; that’s the vicinity that I tend to stay in and that’s where I feel comfortable. I lost marginally less than that this week, and I’m thinking it’s because I played around with my PointsPlus intake a bit. Aside from two days this week, I ate pretty close to my full PointsPlus daily allowance each day, which is rare for me. I have noticed that the closer I get to using all of my points each day, the less weight I tend to lose during the week. Other people at my Weight Watchers meeting don’t seem to have this problem—they only lose weight when they consume all (or close to all) of their daily allowance. Moral of the story: I am going to have to continue to work on finding a PointsPlus range that works for me because I haven’t quite got the swing of that yet.

So, friends, here’s a question for you: how do you feel about dietary supplements? I know many people who take a daily vitamin of some kind, but, personally, I’ve never ever taken a vitamin—not even when I was a kid. I’ve read several articles, however, that talk about taking vitamin D pills for a number of reasons from everything to help with teeth and oral care to help with the control of insulin levels and even as a cure for depression. Peruse Google and you’ll find hundreds of articles and personal testimonies of folks who have claimed that they’ve reversed whatever ailment they have by making a few lifestyle changes (mostly dietary) and taking a vitamin D pill. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition even says that vitamin D deficiency is associated with obesity.

Great reasons to take a vitamin, right? To get some of those issues under control?

I sure thought so.

Yesterday I went to Walgreens and got a flu shot. The wall of vitamins was about 5 feet away from the area where they administer vaccines, so I sat looking at it the entire time I waited for the pharmacist. After I got my shot, I walked over to the wall and spent a good twenty minutes or so looking for a supplement that screamed out to me. After checking reviews on my phone, I decided to go with Nature Made Calcium with Vitamin D.

It seemed like a great idea. Really. It did.

Until I took one this morning.

Throughout the entirety of my Weight Watchers meeting this morning, I had a pounding headache—one so bad that I thought I was going to have to call someone to come and get me instead of driving myself home. I popped a couple of prescription ibuprofens and managed to make it home without calling anyone, but the rest of my day was shot. I tried to blog when I got home around 11 AM, but it wasn’t happening. I ended up going to sleep and sleeping all day long. It’s now close to 6 PM, and it’s the first time all day I haven’t felt too exhausted to function. But as for my appetite? It’s non-existent. Before my meeting this morning, I had an egg sandwich (2 eggs with a slice of reduced-fat provolone cheese on a Thomas’ bagel thin), a side of homemade banana-tangerine fruit salad, and a 12 oz. glass of seltzer water (a grand total of 8PP). I haven’t been hungry since. I forced myself to eat a little cereal (Kashi Golean Crisp! Cinnamon Crumble) with 1% milk when I woke up in a daze around 2:30 PM, and I’m guessing that now I’m just done with food for the day since I feel incredibly nauseous.

Knowing that the only thing I really did differently was take that calcium with vitamin D pill (since, ya know, I’ve gotten a flu shot every year since I was a kid without ever having a problem), I decided to look up the side effects of Calcium with Vitamin D pills online since Nature Made doesn’t put them on their bottles.

Common side effects may include:

  • irregular heartbeat;
  •  nausea; constipation
  • weakness, drowsinessheadache;
  • dry mouth, or a metallic taste in your mouth; or
  • muscle or bone pain

So I’m now thinking that the dietary supplements were a horrible idea. I paid almost $15 for this bottle of pills, and I’m torn about what I should do. Should I take them for a few more days to see if the pills really are making me sick? Should I just cut my losses and toss them in the garbage? Should I make a complaint to the company (and pretend like they actually care)?

What do you guys think? Do you take dietary supplements and multivitamins? Weight Watchers actually recommends taking a vitamin or supplement every day, so I’m at a loss as to what to do.

Anywho. I had more to say, but, honestly, I’m not feeling great, so I’m just going to end my rambling now and come back in a day or two and write another post instead—one where I can talk about food pushers and sabotaging, which was the subject of this week’s Weight Watchers meeting.

I hope you all have a fantastic week. I promise to write again soon.

Eat well. Be well.



26 thoughts on “282.0

  1. So proud of you! Wow! What progress! Was thinking about you earlier today, wondering how you were and knowing you were still going forward to victory.
    My doctor prescribed Vitamin D for me. I took it and no weight loss for a month even though I was doing the same as before. This stressed me out. I checked side effect. Guess what- weight gain was one of the side effects. I quit taking them. I ‘rather lose weight.

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    1. Thanks so much, my friend! As always, I appreciate your kindness and support so much! ❤

      And yikes! Really? The last thing I want is weight gain or a plateau! That's just one more reason to rethink the supplements! Thanks for that info! 🙂

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  2. Im on 10,000mg/2 times a week of vitamin D. Haha so pretty much 20,000 a week. Im VERY low in that category. Once you are “regular” with it though, it does get better. When I first started talking it, I also was starting to take Levothyroxine as well… Lol I was having those same symptoms youre having! Ive been on vitamin d and levo though for over a year though now and it doesnt bother me at all. Haha i stopped taking these when i had a sinus infection, and i got royally chewed out by my dr. so, if youre going to stop taking the vitamin d… At least tell your dr. Maybe they can prescribe a lower dose or something.

    Yikes sorry for rambling!

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    1. I hope you mean IU instead of mg, there’s a pretty huge difference there!

      10,000 IU sounds like the safe upper limit for a daily intake – where you won’t get hypercalcemia, where as 10,000mg would be 400,000 IU – which is 100% lethal dose, no questions asked drop dead territory!

      I’ve noticed many make this mistake when talking about their vitamin D intake, IU = international unit, MG = milligram! They are not the same, not even close! 🙂

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    2. You weren’t rambling! Trust me—speaking as a big time Chatty Cathy, I know what rambling looks like! You were just empathizing with me! 😉

      How long did it take for your symptoms to even out? I’m going to be honest in saying that I didn’t go to my doctor about all of this, though obviously I probably should’ve. Nature Made is an over the counter vitamin/supplement that you can buy without a prescription. The bottle that I bought says 600 mg. Calcium with Vitamin D 400 IU.

      I just checked the bottle and it says that % daily value for the vitamin D3 is 100% and 60% for the Calcium. I’m not sure that I like that. I don’t want to be taking anything that gives me 100% of my daily value of anything because I know that I’m not so deficient in ANYTHING that I need a pill to be accountable for 100% of it. I’m going to guess that I maybe need to stop taking this until I talk to my doctor. Ha! That’s probably what I should’ve done in the first place!


      1. Haha, yeaaaah i’d probably go see your dr. I know my mom takes 2,000 and thats what my dr said to take after I get done with my prescription now… I always just “assumed” it Was just always “mg” since ive never even heard of “iu”. Haha i feel like a total cotton headed ninny muggins!

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  3. First of all! Congrats on your progress, you’re an inspiration!

    I have to take my vitamin d, due to my MS – in a lot higher concentration than a sane person would ever take.

    My best advice is to check what kind of vitamin d it is! Vitamin D2 or D3. There is a difference, a huge one in fact. D2 is made out of irradiated fungi, where as D3 is the way you’d get it out of sunlight (usually synthesized from irradiating lanolin that comes out of sheep’s wool… sometimes ignorance really is bliss, since all of it sounds a bit grotesque doesn’t it?). Think Nature Made would imply D3, which is good!

    Your reactions can also be a combination of the vaccine + introducing a new element into your body at the same time. Give it a rest for a week and try again then, see what happens! Especially since you’re eating at a pretty high kcal deficit, your vaccine shot can have a pretty adverse effect thanks to your body being in an already weakened state. Even if you haven’t had one before!

    Also, all supplements should be taken with food and plenty of water, or suffer the consequences of not doing so 😉

    I also take… a caffeine pill each morning, omega 3 capsules, a calcium tablet, a multivitamin and in the evening before sleeping I take magnesium and melatonin … All of which I have a reason for and a need for, thanks to my MS and excessive exercise! I always feel cheery, happy and I sleep like a baby – can’t remember the last time I’ve had a headache, or a tummy ache!

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    1. First of all, thank you so much! I am so glad you think I’m inspiring! I didn’t set out to inspire others; I set out merely to find other people going through what I was going through. Sometimes it gets hard in “the real world” because I don’t know many people who struggle like this. I find so much comfort and support here in the blogging world, though! It makes me incredibly happy! So thanks so much for being here and coming along for the ride with me! ❤

      I checked the bottle, and you were right: it is vitamin D3. Each pill is 600 mg. Calcium and 400 IU vitamin D3. According to the bottle, that means that the % daily value I'm getting from the pill is 100% for the D3 and 60% for the Calcium. I really don't like that at all because I don't think I need to be taking a pill that gives me 100% daily value of anything. I do manage to go outside from time to time (<– sarcastic overtone there) so I probably need to tone it down with the D3 or, at the very least, talk to my doctor.

      Thanks for the information about the vaccine, too! I didn't realize that it could have a different effect on my body these days. I forget to consider that, you know? Since I still weigh so much, I don't consider that my body is going to react differently, but you're definitely right in saying that it's probably not 100% functioning since I'm living off of a calorie deficit these days. I'll lay off the pills until after Christmas. No harm in waiting a week! 🙂

      I know tons of people that take lots of vitamins and supplements just like you, and they say the same thing—they feel better and healthier and they don't really get sick anymore. I definitely don't mind taking a vitamin/supplement every day—I just need to make sure I'm taking the right one(s). I probably need to visit my doctor and talk with him about it. That's always a good place to start, I suppose!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write all of this out! You obviously know a lot more about this stuff than I do, so I really appreciate you taking the time to inform me! 🙂

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  4. The first thing I would say about supplements is that you need to talk to your doctor about them. Anyone can post to the internet. Don’t confuse a pile of unverified claims with medical fact. There are also a lot of articles saying that most of the vitamins taken in supplements is urinated out without much absorption.

    Personally, I don’t take vitamins or supplements. I rely on the balanced, fruit and vegetable heavy diet I eat to keep things in order.

    I personally think a lot of what’s out there about vitamins is overstated at best, and hogwash at worst. Again, though, I am not a doctor. You should definitely talk to yours.

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    1. My dad feels the same way as you do — he told me that I have no business taking vitamins and supplements when I can be getting the nutrients I need from food! I’ve always felt the same way, too. Like I mentioned in my post — I’ve NEVER taken a vitamin, not even those ever-popular Flintstones vitamins when I was a kid. I just got caught up in the hype of what I read, I suppose!

      Also, the fact that this stuff is sold over the counter made me feel more confident than I should’ve, I think. If I can buy it without a prescription, I typically don’t consult my doctor. I definitely agree with what you all are saying, though: talking to my doctor about this is obviously very necessary.

      I will make sure to do that when I see him in January 🙂

      Thank you so much for offering me your thoughts and advice, Bobby!


  5. I think it really just depends on the individual. I haven’t tried a multivitamin before, but I would like to try one. But, I have tried another vitamin that I thought would help a problem I have and I took it one day and threw it away. I was sick to my stomach all day long, headache, exhausted. I could barely get through work.

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    1. Yep, that sounds like what happened to me! There’s so much hype about vitamins and supplements these days that I think everyone is tempted to want to try them! Let me know if you do find a good one that doesn’t make you feel sick! You and I are close to the same age, so maybe one that works for you would work for me, too! 🙂


  6. Congrats!! That is so great. I was taking a vitamin D supplement and biotin for a while and ended up not being able to swallow my food and digest it. I would eat a salad at noon and then 5 hours later when I would get home from work I would literally cough and lettuce with dressing on it would come up. My doctor told me to stop taking all vitamins and then in a couple days I was back to normal.

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    1. Thank you so much, Amber! 🙂

      And I’m sorry you had such a bad experience! That sounds absolutely terrifying, to be honest. Was it over the counter stuff you were taking, or was it something your doctor prescribed but then figured out wasn’t working for you? The stuff I bought was over the counter, and I did not check with my doctor before I bought it (though now I’m realizing I probably should’ve). I think over the counter stuff kind of gives you a false sense of security — or at least it does for me. I kind of have the attitude that if I don’t need a prescription for it then there’s no reason to consult a doctor, which is probably not the greatest attitude to have! Haha!


  7. And another great week. Congratulations! You’ve lost more than 36 pounds. That is amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to succeed at this. Well done 🙂

    I’m not on the same diet as you, but I take a multi-vitamin each day. As for vitamin D, I’m not really qualified to say. But do research it, from respectable sources.

    Good luck this week, and I hope Christmas goes well!

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    1. Thank you, as always, for your support! It means a lot to me! ❤

      Have you had any issues with the multivitamin or have you been totally fine since you started taking it? Maybe a good multivitamin would be a better option for me! I'll have to do more research and talk to my doctor.

      I was beginning to wonder where you'd gotten off to since you missed a weekly update! I will head over to your blog in a bit and catch up with your progress. I hope all has gone well during your blogging absence! 🙂

      I also hope you have a very merry Christmas, and I hope you have no issues staying on plan! I am sure you will do just great! 🙂


  8. My doctor had told me to take vitamin D3 daily along with my multivitamin, but I found that it constipated me (which, after you read the post I made today, you will learn has never been a problem for me, ever, lol), so I stopped taking it. I think that vitamin D deficiency is the reason that many people who lose a lot of weight often experience hair loss, and I would love to avoid that, but I think I would rather not be constipated. I think the constipation could also contribute to the possible weight gain issue. No, thanks. I’ll just stick to a regular multivitamin for now. I have been toying with the idea of taking the D3 just once a week, but I’m still scared, haha.

    As for multivitamins, my nutritionist told me that gummy multis are better absorbed into your body than the regular pills, plus they are very tasty. I would only suggest making sure that whichever you choose, make sure that it includes calcium. I like Vitafusion and One-a-Day for Women.

    Let me know how you make out! Like Bobby and many others mention, you should check with your doctor to find what’s best for you!

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    1. Hey, Alison!

      Thankfully I didn’t suffer from constipation after taking this pill, but I certainly didn’t feel well. It ruined my whole day, honestly. My head hurt so bad and I was beyond exhausted. I can’t handle such crazy side effects, so, like you, I think I’d rather skip the vitamin D pill and deal with other consequences instead.

      I had no clue that vitamin D deficiency was connected to the hair loss some people experience during and after weight loss. I knew that some people had issues with hair loss, but I thought that that was due to not getting enough protein. When you make drastic changes to your diet (like all of us have and are doing), I know we have to make cuts, and I think, for a lot of people, getting enough protein can be a bit more challenging, and I know that not having enough protein in your diet DOES lead to hair loss. I have no idea about vitamin D deficiency, though. I think that’s something I’ll have to ask my doctor after I speak with him (like you’ve all recommended ;)).

      And I was totally going to buy gummies instead of pills, but then I changed my mind at the last second because I didn’t like the thought of eating “candy” in the morning! Haha! Maybe I’ll go back and get a good multivitamin! One-a-Day is pretty well-known, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to try it.

      We’ll see! I obviously need to research a little better before I go buying anything else! 😉

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