Merry Christmas, my dear blogosphere friends!

I hope you all have a wonderful and lovely holiday. Be happy today, and don’t let the numbers control too much of your day (I’m trying to remember this myself!).

Christmas has always been my favorite day of the year. We always had good Christmases growing up, and Christmas is still good these days, too.

This is what my folks gave to me this year:


I asked them to leave all of the candy and other unhealthy goodies out of my stocking this year, and they ended up giving me Weight Watchers candy instead! I was so touched. They also gave me this tea gift set; it’s six canisters of differently flavored green teas (also very Weight Watchers friendly!). Then, my absolute favorite gift of all: a Fitbit! I was so stoked when I opened that gift! Now I’ll be able to track and monitor my fitness, and I’m hoping that seeing my activity levels each day will really help me get my butt in gear! I am going to be writing another blog before the new year rolls around about fitness. I hope to even further virtually connect with a lot of you soon so that we can—in some form or another—workout together! More on that later, though. 😉

This Christmas has really meant a lot to me because my family showed me an unbelievable amount of support today. The gifts that they gave to me were their way of encouraging me to continue with my healthy lifestyle, and that means a lot to me—more than I can articulate, honestly.

My surrogate brother (he’s really my cousin, but his father [my mom’s brother] is deceased, and he has not had a relationship with his own mother since childhood, so my folks unofficially adopted him into our family years ago) and his wife got me a giftcard to a clothes store that I like to shop at because they figured I’d want to buy new jeans to celebrate my weight loss. They congratulated me on my accomplishments last night, and I was touched that they made an effort to support me, too.

I feel really, really good, and I’m very happy.

And I’m looking forward to enjoying my Christmas fish this evening, too—numbers be damned!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, my dear friends! Thank you for being here with me and for being part of my journey. Really.



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