Good morning, my dear friends!

Today is the first day of the step challenge! I just wanted to wish you all luck and say a huge thank-you to those participating with me! It makes me incredibly happy to know that I have people from all corners doing this with me.

It means so much to me that some of you want to (literally!) walk this part of my journey with me. From the very beginning, that’s what I was hoping I’d get from this blog — I hoped that I’d find people who wanted to walk down this difficult path with me and who were on journeys towards a better life themselves.

It’s safe to say that I got what I wanted and then some! ❤

Remember, our goal is to increase our steps by 1,000 every day from now until Thursday, February 12, 2015.

I am striving for a minimum of 5,000 steps each day, but I’m going to try to go above and beyond that.

You can get your extra steps in by any means you’d like, and you can also track your steps by any means you’d like! No fancy equipment is necessary to participate — a free pedometer app is more than sufficient.

If, however, you do have a Fitbit, please visit me here and add me as friend so that we can keep in contact. Also, my lovely friend Brittany created this Fitbit Group for us so that it’d be a little easier for us to connect! Please join!

So far, Brittany, Harley, Jo, AmberBobby, and Alison have all decided to participate in this challenge with me, so please head over to their blogs, check out their stories, and give them some encouragement! 😀

If you’d also like to participate, it’s never too late to join! The more, the merrier — seriously!

Also, if you want me to share your progress with my readers here on the blog, don’t forget to send me your weekly stats sometime before Fridays at 12 PM (MST). You can visit my contact page to do that, or if you’d like to send screen shots or anything of the like, you can send attachments directly to

Here’s to all of us!

Good luck, and let’s get moving!



17 thoughts on “Start.

    1. I’m pumped, too!

      That’s what the weather’s supposed to be like here tomorrow! If it is, I’m not sure how I’m going to get my steps in, but I’ll give it my best shot! 😉

      It’s cold + we’re seeing the occasional flake today, but it’s 31, so it’s not too bad to walk (with a sweatshirt, of course!).

      I’m sitting at 3,454 steps right now + it’s 11:46 AM. I parked my car on the 4th floor of the parking garage today (second highest floor — I didn’t go to the 5th because I didn’t want to leave my car uncovered) + I took the stairs up + down already. I also walked the long way to the building. I had a 10 AM meeting on the 4th floor of our building + I did take the elevator up because I didn’t want to look sweaty + red-faced for the meeting, but I took the stairs down! Progress!

      I’m planning to go for a walk with my puppy this afternoon, too, so I think I’m going to get my 5,000 today!

      Fingers crossed! 😀

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    1. Yes! Please do! I’d love it if you did this with us! 😀

      If you want to wait for your Fitbit to arrive, that’s totally fine, or you can use a free pedometer app on your phone that can serve as a starting point for you now! It’s up to you!

      Either way, we’d love to have ya! ❤

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      1. ooooh I’ll look for the app (I think there may be on in that health app thing on the iPhone…) and try it out for a couple days… see if it works. (Sometimes they say they work but really don’t!). 😛

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      2. Before I got my Fitbit, I used a free app on my iphone called Pacer. It worked well — perhaps not perfect, but it did the job. If you click on the link above that leads to Harley’s website, you can also maybe download the app she mentioned in her blog that she’s using for this challenge. She likes it so far! 🙂

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  1. I think I’ll take my dog on longer morning walks to get those extra steps in. Maybe I can take him while I do C25K, though I know he’ll be annoyed with the starting/stopping. We’ll see!

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  2. Hey there, this grandma decided to join you young girls. Got out my pink cane and went walking. Loaded up the Pacer app on my phone. Got in 3586 steps before I turned it off.

    Tomorrow I have three meetings at church so it will be tough.

    But I’m going to join you girls.

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    1. There’s no reason to be afraid to commit! We’re striving for progress, NOT perfection!

      Even if you don’t hit your goal every day, it’s OK! At least you made an attempt! The little changes DO add up, + if we all move a little more, it’ll help us!

      That’s the point of this! 🙂 ❤

      + Thanks for that blog recommendation, too. I'm on my way there! 🙂


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