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Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Weight Last Week: 273.8 lbs.
Current Weight: 270.6 lbs.
Weekly Change: –3.2 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 47.6 lbs.

Hi, friends!

Today was an exceptionally good day for many reasons!

First off, my weigh-in went very well; I managed to lose another 3.2 lbs.! My body obviously did some catching up to make up for last week’s lackluster loss, and I’m super thankful! It was so exciting to see those numbers on the scale. I missed hitting my 15% target by just 0.2 lb., but that’s A-OK! I’m super happy with my week and my loss, regardless!

Hopefully I can hit the goal next week and break 270 in the process. I’m also now just 2.4 lbs. away from the big 5-0 loss, so this next week definitely has a lot of potential; this could be a big milestone week! 😀

After weighing-in, I made my way over to the part of the room where the meetings are held, I took my usual seat, and then I started chatting with all of the other ladies who were already seated. As I was listening to one of the girls talk about cookbooks and point conversions, Bobbie, the sweet, wonderful lady who did my very first weigh-in back in September, approached me along with an older woman and a very young boy.

After she caught my attention, Bobbie put her hand on the little boy’s shoulder and then turned back to me and said, “Rachael, this is Daulton, and he came here today with his grandma because she wanted to find out how much he weighed.” 

I looked between the older woman (grandma) and Daulton and then smiled and said hello. Then Bobbie continued on.

“Rachael, Daulton weighs 49.4 lbs. He is six-years-old. You have lost 47.6 lbs. This, right here, is basically what you’ve lost: Daulton — a six-year-old boy.” 

I was speechless for a second, and then my face turned red and I couldn’t stop my smile from overtaking my whole face — even if I’d tried.

I just couldn’t believe it. To see a real, live person standing there who weighed basically the equivalent of what I’ve lost was mind-blowing.

It’s one thing to “know” that I’ve lost 47.6 lbs., but it’s another thing, entirely, to actually see what that looks like.

How in the world did I ever carry that extra weight around?! How could I have possibly already lost a whole little person?

Daulton — without even knowing it — totally made my day, and when I got home tonight, I found this waiting in my inbox:

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 8.57.19 PM

So yeah.

It was a really, really, really good day.

I’m also doing very, very well in this last leg of the 1,000 Extra Steps Challenge. This first leg of the challenge ends in six days on Thursday, February 12, 2015.

This is my attempt at finishing strong:


I’ve managed to surpass my goal of 5K a day for every single day of the challenge except for one (way back on January 16th). This past week has been excellent activity-wise, and the fact that I even managed to get in close to 11,000 steps on one of those days is incredible.

When did I become this girl — the one who actually makes an effort to get her butt up off of the couch?!

You guys inspire me every single day, and you guys are the reason why I’m up and moving now.


Thank you.

Don’t forget, the second leg of the 1,000 Extra Steps Challenge begins on Monday, February 16, 2015, and we’ll be walking until Monday, March 16, 2015.

I hope that many of you will continue to keep at this with me (or start walking if you haven’t been participating already!). I’m so excited to see how we all finish out this first leg of the challenge, and I know that if we just keep right on walking that things will continue to change for all of us. We’ll all be better for taking those extra steps every single day. Those extra steps are going to bring us closer to the finish line, and that thrills me.

I hope it thrills you, too.

I also hope you each have an absolutely spectacular week.

Eat well. Be well.



5 thoughts on “270.6

  1. Still within one pound of each other! This is madness 😉 I TOLD you that you would nail it this week!!! I am so, so proud of you for all that you have accomplished, including your newfound love of physical activity!!

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  2. You are doing so great! I hadn’t imagined weight loss in the form of another person. It’s crazy to think that you once were carrying that extra around with you. I bet it feels like an even bigger relief to be free of that now. Keep up the great work. You’re on the right track!!



  3. This is the week you hit 15% and 270 lbs, and if you don’t hit the big 5-0 this week — and who knows, you might — then you’ll have that to look forward to next week. This should be a fantastic couple of weeks for you, one milestone after another in the rear-view mirror, and you’ve *earned* it the hard way. You’re doing wonderfully well, Rachael, and I’m so, so happy for you. Keep it up. You’re going all the way, for sure. Keep going, and never, never, never give up!

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  4. Hey Rachael! Yesterday I finished the 1,000 step challenge that you put up. For the 31 days, I walked a total of 238,371 steps! And, I lost 10.6 pounds along the way. Thank you for helping me boost my metabolism and increase my activity!

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