Hi, friends!

Awhile back, I shared my thoughts about Pizza Fit ‘n Free, but that was the last time I talked about what it is that I eat, so today, I thought I’d give you guys a list of my staples — a list of the Weight Watchers-friendly food that I always try to have on hand.

This is the food that’s helped me lose over 50 pounds so far, and it’s stuff that I genuinely like eating! This isn’t food that tastes awful; this is stuff that’s definitely very tasty!

I’m always looking for new, delicious products to add to my pantry or refrigerator, too, so if there are any products that you swear by that aren’t on my list, drop me a line below and tell me about them!

Let’s help each other out with our food choices, yeah? 😀

My grocery store staples:

1) Fruits & Veggies (both fresh & frozen):
bananas, Macintosh apples, pineapple, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and lettuce (all of which are 0 PointsPlus), as well as small potatoes (3 PointsPlus) and small sweet potatoes (2 PointsPlus)

2) Thomas’ Light Multigrain English Muffins (3 PointsPlus)

3) Thomas’ Bagel Thins (Everything or Plain flavored) (3 PointsPlus)

4) Better Oats, Old-fashioned style, mmm Muffins, Blueberry Oatmeal with Flax (4 PointsPlus when made with water)

5) Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (4 PointsPlus for 1 c. + PointsPlus value of milk)

6) Eggo Nutri-Grain Low-Fat, Whole Wheat Waffles (2 PointsPlus per waffle)

7) Johnsonville fully cooked turkey breakfast sausage (1 PointsPlus per link)

8) StarKist single serve Tuna Creations (the Herb & Garlic is 3 PointsPlus, and the Lemon Pepper, Sweet & Spicy, and Ranch flavors are 2 PointsPlus)

9) Mission Garden Spinach Wraps (6 PointsPlus for a whole wrap, 3 PointsPlus for half)

10) Progresso Light Soups (all of the light soups are either 4 or 5 PointsPlus, depending upon the flavor, for the entire can)

11) MorningStar Farms Buffalo Chik Patties (this is a meat substitute) (5 PointsPlus)

12) MorningStar Farms Tomato and Basil Pizza Burgers (again, this is a meat substitute) (3 PointsPlus)

13) Cheese: The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges (1 PointsPlus) and Sargento Reduced-Fat String Cheese (1 Points Plus)

14) KozyShack Simply Well Rice Pudding (2 PointsPlus)

15) Sparkling Water/Seltzer/Club Soda (0 PointsPlus)

As you can probably see, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I always have a big, hearty breakfast — one that keeps me full until well into the afternoon — and sometimes I eat breakfast for dinner, too.

The rest of the food interchangeably serves as lunch or dinner throughout the week, but the variety is sparse because most of the time, I indulge in recipes out of one of the two Weight Watchers cookbooks I own, so my dinners vary considerably throughout the week, and if I have leftovers from dinner, that’s what I eat for lunch the following day, too.

So these are just the quick foods — the staples that I always have on hand for the times when more elaborate dinners or leftovers aren’t a viable option.

And that last thing on my list — the sparkling water? It is an absolute must-have in my book. I drink a case of the stuff every couple of days. I don’t drink soda (not even diet!), and that’s something I gave up long before I started my Weight Watchers journey. The carbonation of the sparkling water makes it feel like soda, though, and that makes drinking it easier for me. I buy the plain kind and then add a fresh lime wedge to it because I don’t like the chemical-like taste found in the flavored kinds. But seriously — if you’re trying to kick a soda habit or you’re having a difficult time getting your water in, try sparkling water! It might be a big help!

So what about you guys? Tell me about some of your favorite health-conscious products that I need to try!

Eat well. Be well.



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