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Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Weight Last Week: 264.2 lbs.
Current Weight: 262.8 lbs.
Weekly Change: –1.4 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 55.4 lbs.

Hello, friends!

Today is a good day. Scratch that. This was a good week — a really, really good week!

I (thankfully!) managed to fight my way out of the slump I was in last week, and I’ve been feeling genuinely good this week. I was sort of feeling like I wasn’t going to lose weight, though (my gut is usually pretty good about predicting less-than-stellar losses), but during the drive to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning, I admitted to myself that that really didn’t matter this week. My mood has just been better and my choices were better this week, too, and that was enough. But, as it turns out, the universe decided to throw me a bone: I lost 1.4 lbs. this week on top of feeling better and making wiser decisions!


I now have less than 100 lbs. left to lose before I reach a healthy weight — 98.8 lbs., to be exact! That’s incredible to me, and it’s also very, very exciting.

Big changes happening, folks!

I am an avid reader of Buzzfeed, and last night, as I was scrolling through the app on my phone, I came across this sponsored Weight Watchers post. It was posted on March 3rd and titled “10 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Now And Reap The Benefits In Spring.” I’m just going to give the abridged version here, but you can click the link and read the full article over on the Buzzfeed website, if you’d like.

These are the 10 things Weight Watchers suggests you do:

1. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, water, and veggies
2. Meditate
3. Give yourself a homemade spa treatment
4. Drink tea
5. Winterize your hair routine
6. Make a power playlist
7. Move all day and not just when you’re at the gym/working out
8. Learn how to use a slow cooker
9. Relieve your stress instead of bottling it up
10. Connect with friends and build up your support system

Some of these things are really great tips, if you ask me, so I decided that I’m going to take their advice!

When I first started this blog, I posted my short-term goals every week. Somewhere along the line, I stopped doing that, though! I realized that I’d stopped doing that before I read this list, so I was planning to talk briefly about my goals anyway this week, but after reading Weight Watchers’ 10 tips, I figured this list could be a guide for my weekly goals.

So here’s what I’m going to do —

I am going to focus on tips 1 and 2 this week: I’m going to make sure I’m getting enough sleep, water, and veggies, and I’m going to meditate for 10 minutes every single morning.

My spring break is this week, and while I will be working on my thesis every day (it’s due mid-April — I have to get the lead out!), I shouldn’t have to pull all-nighters or anything crazy like that, so my sleep schedule should be awesome. As for the water, I’m going to play around with my intake and see what’s manageable, but I am going to increase it. And I’m going to follow Alison’s advice about fruits and veggies and make sure I have a serving at every single meal and snack.

I have high hopes and high expectations for this week. I’m feeling great, and I’m very optimistic. My mood is so much better, and I, thankfully, don’t feel like diving headfirst into a box of pizza!

The weather in Colorado has been gorgeous, too, and it’s already starting to really feel like summer! Because of that, I’ve started getting antsy. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was excited about summer, but I really and truly am this year. I think it might actually be kind of fun to go shopping for summer clothes — clothes that aren’t going to be black and super modest. This year, I don’t think I’m going to have to wear clothes to “hide” my weight. This year, I think I’m going to be able to enjoy myself. One of the first things I am planning to do this summer is go have a beer and watch my beloved Rockies play a ball game, and maybe I won’t show up in my normal jeans and baggy, black Rockies t-shirt to do that— maybe I’ll wear a dress or shorts or something else fun!

Also, once I lose another 20 lbs., I’m planning to buy a bicycle for myself as a reward (which I mentioned in a blog awhile back, I think)! Hopefully I’ll lose that 20 lbs. just in time for summer, and then I’ll be able to tool around the city on my new bike!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Eat well. Be well.



15 thoughts on “262.8

    1. Thank you so much, Harley! I always appreciate your support!

      I have been doing so well this week! I’ve been making the goals happen! 😀

      How are you doing? Eating more fruits and veggies? I saw you started yoga! I’m going to go read about that! ❤


    1. You can fill that roll in my life! Thanks, Grandma Debbie 😉

      You know I always love to hear from you and hear about your victories! I am so proud of you! 13,000 steps?! That’s AMAZING! Great job! You are accomplishing such wonderful things! You’re inspiring me! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Way to go, Rachael! I think the thing I most like in this post is that on your way to your WW meeting you had decided that the scale didn’t matter because you knew you’d had a good week based on your choices. To me, that is a great Non-Scale Victory! Maybe even an ASV – Anti-Scale Victory. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Bobby!

      My week has just continued to get better and better. I’m doing so well! Spring has been kind to me so far. I am one happy lady these days because my choices have been awesome!

      Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me!


  2. Oooh I love this post Rachael it is so full of all of the positive things!

    1/ well done you! You are SUCH an inspiration!!!
    2/ Yay for bike riding, I am hoping to do a bit more of this too 😮
    3/ That list is superb!! Glad I saw that I love all of those things 😀

    Hope you are having a good weekend chickie :]

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much!

      I am flattered and humbled by your kind words. All of you inspire me — all of you that read my blog and that put yourselves out there and share your journeys. We’re all in this together… I truly believe that!

      You express yourself beautifully, and you really do inspire me, too!

      I am having a wonderful week, and I hope you are, as well! I’ll head over to your blog tonight and see for myself what you’ve been up to 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, friend!

      I like the list, too!

      How are you? Are the goals going well? I have been doing great with the veggies, sleep, and meditation, and I’ve been doing fairly well with the water, but I know that I could be doing much better in that department.

      I hope you’re having a great and successful week! ❤


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