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Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Last Posted Weight: 240.4 lbs.
Weight Last Week: 239 lbs.
Weekly Change: –1.4 lbs.
Current Weight: 237.2 lbs.
Weekly Change: –1.8 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 81 lbs.

Hello, my friends!

The day has finally come: I’ve lost 80 lbs! Well, to be more specific, I’ve surpassed 80 lbs. and hit 81 lbs. right on the nose!

Me alongside my fearless leaders, Stephanie (who’s holding the exclamation point) + Sade (who’s holding the number 8) as my WW meeting erupted in applause + snapped tons of photos!

If you can’t tell from the above photo, I was absolutely ecstatic this morning!

This was a huge deal to me because of how challenging I’ve found things to be lately. When my ED decided to show its face again and I started to go off the rails, part of me thought that I might be done. I always say I don’t want to (and won’t!) ever let myself get anywhere near 300 lbs. again, and that’s definitely true, but for a couple of weeks there, I stopped seeing ONEderland as being feasible. I could stay in the 230s forever, I thought, because I was pretty much done trying to put too much effort into getting much further; I’d grown tired and was a little burnt out.

Thankfully, though, I was able to pull myself together (with a little help from my friends, of course!), and I feel completely back on track now—I feel like I felt in those early days of success: like I have the power and strength to see this through and beat the food monsters into submission.

Next stop: ONEderland!

In surpassing 80 lbs. today, I also surpassed my 25% target; I have now, officially, gotten rid of a quarter of who I was when I walked into Weight Watchers on September 12th, 2014.

I am now 73.2 lbs. away from my goal weight—that’s it!

In surpassing my 25% target today, I was forced to readjust my short-term weight goals. My next big milestone will be reaching a weight of 222.8 lbs.—aka, my 30% target. Once I reach that (which is 14.4 lbs. from now), I’ll have lost a total of 95.4 lbs. After that, I’ll be reaching for the gold—I’ll be running towards that big 1-0-0!

When I last wrote to you guys, I mentioned that Weight Watchers had asked me to speak at their event, Success Stories Live. After some thoughtful consideration, I finally agreed to do it, and I am so glad that I did!

Success Stories Live

I cannot adequately put into words what it was like when I spoke two Tuesdays ago. So many familiar faces graced the audience that night: more than half of my meeting group showed up to support me and hear me speak, and my friend Jay (who I’m doing the 5K with), as well as my friends Heather and Marie whom I met via the Weight Watchers Colorado Facebook page, showed up, too. It was absolutely incredible—it was hard to believe that so many people came just for me.

Afterwards, almost everyone who was in attendance that night formed a procession line and came up to give me a hug.

The words of support and encouragement I heard were invaluable. All of them made comments about how much help hearing my story had been or how encouraged or motivated they felt or how incredible it was to see my success. What they didn’t realize, though, is that they gave me so much more than I was ever capable of giving them.

All of my initial worries were unfounded; no one was “less encouraged” just because I wasn’t at goal yet or because I’d “only” lost 78 lbs. (at the time).

One of the Territorial Managers for Weight Watchers also approached me after my talk and introduced herself. After doing so, she immediately said, “You need to work for me.” She showed up again to my weekly meeting three days later and asked for all of my contact information—so, obviously, she was serious about hiring me.

At this point in my life, there’s nothing more that I’d love to do with my spare time than work for Weight Watchers. My education and career goals don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with Weight Watchers, as a corporation, for the long run, but until I can make my other dreams and my longterm career goals come true, I think Weight Watchers is the perfect place for me.

I look at it as a way of “paying it forward.”

On Tuesday of this week, my leader, Stephanie, gave me a call and asked if I was available on Thursday (i.e., last night) to do another Live event at a different Weight Watchers location, thus giving me the opportunity to tell my story for a second time.

I agreed, and while the audience was much smaller this time and I didn’t have my own personal cheering section, it was still incredibly meaningful. I really think that I made a difference last night—even if it was just a small one—and even if I didn’t, that’s OK, too, because it made a difference to me.

In giving to my community, I’ve gotten something back tenfold.

In other—sort of trivial—news, something strange happened to me on Wednesday.

After having lunch with my dear friend Betty (whom I’ve written about several times before and kindly asked for your thoughts, prayers, positivity, and the like whilst she’s battling cancer for the second time), I stopped at a 7-eleven on my way home.

On my way inside, a guy who looked to be about my age did a double take when he saw me and then called out a simple, “Hi.” I smiled and said hello—not thinking much of it—and then went inside to browse.

As I stood in line a few minutes later to pay for my items, he came inside and asked the clerk if he could borrow a lighter, again taking the time to throw a quick look in my direction.

Then he lingered right outside the door to smoke a cigarette.

Much to my surprise, though, it seems he wasn’t lingering just to linger… He was waiting for me to come outside!

As soon as I paid for my items and started to make my way toward the door, he pulled it open and held it for me. Then he followed me a couple of feet to my car and reached out to shake my hand.

Then he said, “Hey, what’s your name?” 

And with a curious smile I said, “It’s Rachael.”

He repeated my name and then gave my hand a squeeze before telling me his name, too.

Then without any hesitation he said, “How old are you?”

“23,” I replied. “Well, 22, actually, but I’m almost 23!”

Then he smiled and said, “23, huh? I’m 24.”

I smiled again, still not quite realizing what was happening here.

Then he tilted his head a bit and said, “Can I talk to you?”

And in all of my naivety I said… “About what?” 

He then proceeded to laugh at my confusion and then said, “You know… Talk to you, get to know you… Get your number so I can take you out sometime.” 

I was absolutely floored. Purple-polka-dotted pigs could’ve been flying at that point; I wanted to turn and look around to see if this was some kind of practical joke because he couldn’t possibly be talking to me. This guy was cute—like really cute—so why would he approach the 230-someodd pound girl wearing neon Nikes, holey jeans, and a baggy sweatshirt that had once fit a 320 lb. frame? A girl with messy hair that was thrown up into a lackluster ponytail, that was wearing next to no makeup? Why me?

I hesitated for too long and my confusion must’ve shown on my face, too—he started to backpedal quickly.

“…Or I could give you my number instead?” 

“No! No!” I said a little too eagerly. “I’ll give you my number!” 

I gave it to him, and with another handshake we parted ways, and as I climbed behind the driver’s seat of my car, I figured that there was no way he’d actually call—I’d been too awkward, I was sure.

Imagine my immense surprise then when, yesterday, I got a phone call and a text from him, and after making idle small talk and chit chat for awhile last night, mid-morning today I got another text that started off with the words, “Hey gorgeous.” 

In the words of my best bud, Alison, the universe is rooting for me lately!

I’m not going to lie to you—my immediate thoughts about this guy were that he’d never have given me a second glance when I weighed 320 lbs. and that, obviously, this attention is due to the weight loss, but, in all honesty, after thinking more about it, I’m not totally sure that that’s the truth. I’m sure that the weight loss has absolutely helped my cause, but… I’m also just better these days. I actually look people in the eye now, I smile, and I walk with my head held high—I don’t walk around trying to pretend not to exist and wishing the floor would just open up and swallow me whole.

Maybe the fact that I said hi to this guy and smiled and looked him in the eye made a difference. Maybe something about how I carry myself nowadays made a difference, too. Or, who knows? Maybe it really is just the weight loss! Regardless, it was nice to be (positively) noticed by someone my age instead of being ridiculed out on the street.

My 5K prep is going amazingly well! Jay has been pushing me to pick up the pace and increase my distance, and although I still hate to exercise (to walk, especially), I feel proud of myself for giving it all I’ve got each time I set out to practice.

I feel good about the 5K we’re doing in December. I know now that I’m capable of completing a 5K within an hour’s time (I know this because I’ve actually done it a total of three times now), and I know that I’m not going to have to crawl over the finish line.

Things are looking up!

Tomorrow is the last day of October, and I can’t believe how quickly time is passing these days.

I haven’t decided what my monthly goals for November are going to be just yet. I’ll have to think on that for a bit.

I hope you’re all doing wonderfully! Drop me a line and tell me something exciting that’s happening in your life—even if it’s not weight loss related.

Eat well. Be well.



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