238.0 (again?)


weight tracker
Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Weight Last Week: 242.4 lbs.
Current Weight: 238 lbs.
Weekly Change: –4.4 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 80.2 lbs.

Hello, friends!

Please excuse the lackluster graph this week; Weight Watchers is totally overhauling and redesigning their website, and the glitches are outrageous. The weight graphs are only available on the mobile application right now, and there’s no way to display more than just a couple of weeks’ progress…

The reason I’m posting today instead of yesterday is actually because I was trying to wait out some of Weight Watchers’ technical issues, but after speaking to tech support today, I realized that that won’t be happening anytime soon, so here we are! I’ll have to make due with what I can.

When I wrote to you guys on Thanksgiving, I mentioned that I’d had a fairly good week and was confident that the scale was going to move in my favor this time around… and as you can see from my weight stats, I think it’s safe to say that I did, indeed, have a good week!

I am down 4.4 lbs.!

I’m still up 1.4 lbs. from my lowest recorded weight of 236.6 lbs., but I’m OK with that! I’m doing well, I’m staying on track, and I am confident that I’ll be able to shed that 1.4 lbs. again very soon—this week, in all likelihood, if I continue on as I have thus far!

When I wrote on Thursday, I also mentioned that I was down around 50 lbs. from this exact time one year ago. I posted that same sentiment on the Weight Watchers Colorado Facebook page, and something that one of the women said to me after reading my post really made me stop and pause. She said, “Imagine where you’ll be next year!”

For a long time, I refused to imagine where I might be in the future, because I was afraid that either 1) I’d be even fatter than I already was, or 2) I’d be stuck at a weight that was definitely more manageable and healthier than my highest, but still a long, long ways from ever being anywhere close to where I wanted and needed to be.

That all seems to have changed this year, though. After she planted that little seed, I actually did start to wonder where I might be next year! Could I be another 50 lbs. lighter? Could I maybe be at goal by that point? It took me just over a year to lose 80 lbs., and, presently, I’ve only got 74 lbs. left to lose to reach my ultimate goal weight of 164 lbs. Is that something I can achieve by Thanksgiving 2016?


But, by now, I’ve learned not to put too much of a timeframe on these things; it’ll happen when it happens.

However, if I can let myself dream just a bit… I think I’d be pretty happy with myself if, by this time next year, I was down another 39 lbs. If that’s the case, that’ll mean spending Thanksgiving in ONEderland for the first time since I was a young girl…

39 lbs. from now, I’ll weigh 199 lbs. exactly.

To imagine being that small is insane to me… And if I could do that in a year’s time… Well, I definitely think that’d be something to be proud of!

Yesterday was Black Friday (as I’m sure many of you are aware), and I decided that I would face the crowds in order to try to find a dress for my college graduation at a discounted price.

Before I went out, I’d browsed online for one and managed to fall in love with a beautiful, black, lacy number, and I decided that, come hell or high water, I was going to get my hands on one—even if that meant standing in line for way too long to do so.

After my Weight Watchers meeting, my mother and I headed to the mall (I wanted another pair of eyes that didn’t include a saleswoman looking to product push). Surprisingly, it wasn’t quite as crowded as I’d expected it to be (it was crowded, to be sure, but not as bad as I was picturing)—perhaps waiting until the early afternoon to shop is the secret to Black Friday success!

Once we got to the store, it didn’t take me long to stumble upon the dress I’d set out looking for… But I was totally dismayed to find that they didn’t have one single version of the dress in black—the only versions available came in a wine color… Something that was so not me.

Anyone that knows me knows that my wardrobe is almost entirely composed of black and gray—99% of it is dark because, well… why else? Dark colors are figure flattering, of course!

When you weigh over 300 lbs., black clothing is your friend—or, at least, it was for me.

Black and gray clothing provided the illusion, for me, once upon a time, that I could blend in to my surroundings or, at the very least, wear something that “flattered” my figure.

Even now, after having lost 80 lbs., I still have it stuck in my head that black clothing should be my go-to—that that’s what’s going to look best on me. Even my newer, better-fitting clothing is in some varying shade of black or gray… I am uncomfortable, still, trying or buying anything in color.

But I loved this dress… So at the urging of my mother, I tried it on anyways—even though the wine color totally intimidated me.

And I was totally flabbergasted once I had it on.

The dress looked really, really great on me—far better than I ever expected it to. The cut actually did flatter my figure, and since it’s got a lace overlay, you can’t tell that I have some fairly noticeable loose skin around my stomach area.

The dress pulls in my waist, and it shows real definition in my body—curves that I didn’t even realize I had are visible, and it makes me look softer, more feminine… pretty.

I got some black tights (because it’s not long this time!) and boots to wear with it, and for the first time in, well, forever, I am extremely excited to get ready for an event!

I can’t wait for my graduation in two weeks—I sincerely don’t care what I weigh that day because, no matter what, I’m going to feel like a million bucks!

Stay tuned for photos of my big day!

My friend Jay and I are doing our 5K in just about a week, and I’m feeling kind of nervous about it, but mostly excited!

I know I’m capable of going the distance, but just thinking about the whole idea of doing something so far out of my comfort zone still makes me feel kind of anxious.

I’m still of the mindset that my goal is just to finish—no worries about time, pace, anything… My goal is just to finish!

It’s a Christmas-themed race, so I bought the cutest Christmas sweater to wear:

Elf Sweater
Brownie points will be awarded if you know what movie this is from! 🙂

It’s supposed to arrive in the middle of this week, but the timeline is cutting it pretty close… So I hope that I don’t have to figure something else out if it’s late!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I’m going to leave you with a picture of my Weight Watchers family today. This is just a portion of the group that’s played such a huge role in my weight loss journey thus far. This was taken at yesterday’s 9:30 AM meeting—the day after Thanksgiving! Look at that turnout!

I am so proud of us—so proud to know these folks, share with them, and have them beside me as I walk this path!

ww group


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and that this upcoming week is wonderful, too.

Eat well. Be well.






One thought on “238.0 (again?)

  1. Rachel,
    I want you to know that I smiled the whole time I read your post.
    I am so proud of you and so proud for you!
    Yea! Cartwheels from a grandma. I’m praising God for your victory. You will achieve all your goals before you turn around. You go girl! You rock.


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