243.8 (for the LAST time!)


Starting Weight
: 318.2 lbs.
Last Week’s Weight: 245.2 lbs.
Current Weight: 243.8 lbs.
Weekly Change: –1.4 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 74.4 lbs.

Hello, friends!

How’re things? How has the first week of the new year been?

As you can see from my weight stats, things have been alright for me! I’m still up a grand total of 7.2 lbs. from my lowest weight… But I’m on the right track, at least.

To be perfectly honest with you (as I always am), I was a bit disappointed in this loss.

I did exceptionally well this past week with my eating and tracking, so I was really expecting to see a big loss since I was up 4 lbs. last week. Also, because of how much booze and restaurant food I’d consumed the previous week before weigh-in, I assumed some of that 4-lb. gain was water weight due to excess sodium… but I guess not!

I also wore leggings to my weigh-in (as opposed to my normal jeans), so the fact that I was only down 1.4 lbs. was exceptionally disappointing… I think if I’d worn the jeans instead of the leggings I’d have actually maintained versus lost… So go figure!

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of SmartPoints yet, obviously… but que sera sera!

I stayed behind after my Weight Watchers meeting this week and attended the new member orientation. After that was over, I stayed back a bit longer to talk to my leader, Stephanie, and another leader (and friend of mine), Sade.

They looked at my weight chart, asked me what’s been going on, what I’ve been eating, where my mental state has been, etcetera… And in the end, I felt a whole lot better than I had when I first walked into the building.

In response, yesterday was the best day food-wise that I’ve had in a long, long time. I tracked every single thing I put into my mouth, and I didn’t even sneak any BLTs (which is something I’m guilty of doing more often than not every time I enter my kitchen).

By the time I’d finished my lunch, I still had 21 SmartPoints left for the day. I’d planned to prepare some Applegate uncured turkey dogs for dinner, but I ended up going to a community night class with my aunt and her childhood best friend, and I didn’t get the chance to prepare dinner beforehand.

Instead, around 10 PM the three of us ended up at Denny’s, and although I was starving by that point since I hadn’t eaten anything in a good 8-9 hours, I talked myself off of the ledge and kept reminding myself that I could make a great choice because I’d already been making great choices all day long.

My aunt, who’s also a Weight Watcher, decided to get a prime rib melt and seasoned fries, and her friend decided on a club sandwich and an extra big stack of onion rings.

I was tempted to veer a little off track after hearing their orders—I was… But then I stopped myself and searched the menu high and low for something reasonable.

I finally settled on the Fit Fare banana pecan pancake breakfast and a glass of water! The breakfast plate came with two scrambled egg whites, two slices of turkey bacon, and two whole wheat banana pecan pancakes. When the waitress brought it over, she sat down some piping hot maple syrup that looked incredible… but with a renewed sense of determination, I said, “This is probably a long shot…. but do you, by chance, have any sugar-free syrup?” She smiled at me and said, “Absolutely!” and then brought me a brand new bottle of sugar-free syrup that hadn’t even been opened yet.

I cleared my plate (because I was that hungry!), and the meal was a total of 29 SmartPoints. I had 21 dailies left, so that meant I dipped into my 42 weekly points by 8—which was no big deal.

I was proud of myself, I felt really good about my choices, and I wrote the day off as a success.

This morning when I woke up, I decided to tackle the day with that same sense of determination, and I’ve managed to have another really, really good day full of tracking, good choices, and no BLTs!

There’s a chicken casserole “dump” in the oven as we speak that’s 6 SmartPoints per serving, and I’ve got 19 SmartPoints left for the day!

I’ve got a really, really good feeling about this week—so much so that I wish I could bottle it so that I can remember this feeling, this motivation and determination, when the going get’s tough.

The guided fit journal that Katrina sent to me finally arrived in the mail, and I’m so excited about it!

It’s been snowy and cold the last couple of days here in Colorado, so I haven’t made too much use of it yet since I haven’t been out walking and exercising, but I plan to really dive into that soon.

My next 5K race is on the 17th, and I’m looking forward to writing about it in the journal and pasting in a couple of pictures. I may even keep my race bib in the journal, too… We’ll see!

Katrina has been doing a lot of great things recently, and she’s really been inspiring me… She’s got that whole “fake it ’til you make it” attitude going on, and I’ve decided that I need to take that same attitude on myself… I really need to work on being more positive, even when I don’t feel positive—even when I feel like my little world is crashing down.

That’s my goal for the rest of January—to force myself to be a more positive person… to bring more light into my life, even if I have to force it!

I have a feeling that I’m really going to need that positivity, too, as I just received some bad news about an hour ago about my dear friend, Betty.

I have written about Betty several times before… I talked about her terrible, terrible chemo and the stem cell transplant she received… And I also asked for lots of thoughts, prayers, positivity, and whatever else any of you could be so kind as to direct her way—something I’m going to, once again, ask you to do.

Betty has been in remission for 6-months now—or so we thought.

Today, I received a text message from her that was entirely too cheery for the news she had to share: the doctors have found cancer in her chest and shoulder, and they’ve biopsied it to see what they can do. The doctor is thinking more chemo will be involved, this time maybe indefinitely.

I am absolutely heartbroken over this, and I’m in shock that this has happened again.

We’ll know more about what’s going on next week, but I’m afraid… really, really afraid.

So please think of her, if you can, and if you could put some healing energy out into the universe or mention her in your talks with whatever god you pray to or do anything else of the like that could maybe help her, I’d be very appreciative.

I hope you’re all well; I’m looking forward to reading blogs and hearing directly from lots of you about what you’re doing thus far this year!

I hope you’re working hard and doing well with your personal goals.

Until next time,

Eat well. Be well.







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