238 (for the LAST time!)


Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Last Recorded Weight (Weigh-in #72): 241.6 lbs.
Current Weight: 238 lbs.
Weekly Change: –3.6 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 80.2 lbs.

Hello, my dear friends!

I’ve missed you terribly.

Last time I checked in, I told you all that I’d be having my wisdom teeth removed the following day. I was expecting it to be a bad experience, and, unfortunately, it was even worse than what I’d conjured up in my mind.

There were some complications with the removal of my bottom left impacted tooth, so the oral surgeon had to take a significant amount of bone from my lower jaw in order to get it out. He also had to remove the tooth in pieces (as opposed to the other three, which came out whole), and it made for a painful and difficult recovery. My face and neck swelled up so badly that I looked as if I weighed 500 lbs.—I was actually so swollen that I could barely speak and opening my mouth more than a couple of centimeters to eat was impossible.

I was out for the count for more than a week.

When I went to my post-surgical follow-up this past Monday (2/1/16), my mouth was still swollen and eating solid foods was still impossible.

My jaw is still pretty sore even today when I try to do any serious chewing, but, regardless, I’m finally feeling better and essentially back to normal—thank goodness!

While I was out for the count, I did try my best to stay on track plan-wise, but I veered somewhat. I ended up eating a whole lot more ice cream than I anticipated, and that low point mac and cheese I had planned on eating? That didn’t happen. Instead, I had a ton of mac and cheese made from cooked macaroni noodles and Ragú creamy double cheddar cheese sauce.

Suffice it to say, I was a bit worried about weigh-in today. I honestly thought I was going to gain since all I’ve done for the past two weeks is lay around and eat semi-crappy food (when I ate at all, that is).

However, I didn’t gain; I actually managed to lose 3.6 lbs.! I guess maybe I didn’t eat as much as I thought I did… Who knows?! I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I’ve now managed to lose weight for four consecutive weigh-ins in a row, which is something I haven’t done since last summer. I might be trekking a bit slower these days, but what I’m doing seems to be working at last!

I am now officially just 1.4 lbs. away from my lowest recorded weight, and I’ve also, once again, managed to surpass that 25% mark, meaning I’ve gotten rid of 1/4th of the woman I was when I started this journey!

I’m pleased as punch, to say the least.

This Sunday, I’m participating in my third 5K.

Unfortunately, none of my 5K team is coming to the race! I am, officially, doing this one alone.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday here in the States, and Colorado is drowning in a sea of blue and orange since our beloved Broncos are playing for the Vince Lombardi trophy. I committed to this race back in December, though, and I always do my best to follow through with my commitments, so I’m doing the race regardless. The rest of my girls have decided to go to Super Bowl parties instead, which is their choice… but I’m choosing to do the race in the morning and then go to a Super Bowl party.

My co-worker and friend, Sade, told me this morning that she would come to the race and we could chat beforehand and take some photos. She’s a serious runner, so we won’t be doing the race together per say, but I’m glad that she’s going to be there, regardless.

My goal for the 5K, as always, is just to do my best and finish. It’ll be interesting to see what my time is like, though, seeing as I won’t have anyone to talk to or focus on… I’ll just be walking and focusing on finishing.

As a little side goal, I also want to focus on not getting carried away at the snack tables after the race. After both of the other 5Ks, my friends and I ended up eating and drinking everything offered to us, and that adds up in points quickly even though the portions are really small. My plan is to hit two of the snack stands afterwards and that’s it: I’m going to stop at the Yogurtland table and get a small cup of no sugar added vanilla frozen yogurt, and then I’m going to hit the Taziki’s table and get a cup of hummus with a side of veggies.

No harm, no foul—as long as I stick to the plan!

I hope you’re all doing great and that you’ve had a wonderful and successful couple of weeks.

Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing overall with your personal goals! I’m ecstatic to hear. And to my new followers, welcome and thanks for joining me! Drop me a line and say hello!

Until next time,

Eat well. Be well.




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