237.6 (for the LAST time!)


Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Weight Last Week: 238 lbs.
Current Weight: 237.6 lbs.
Weekly Change: –0.4 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 80.6 lbs.

Hello, friends!

How’s it going? We’re about mid-way through February at this point (crazy, isn’t it?) so it’s safe to say that the new year is in full swing. How are we all doing? How are the goals coming along?

So far, so good in my department! I was down a little less than half a pound this week, and I was very happy with that! This marks a 5th consecutive weekly loss for me! I am super stoked about my progress; I have managed to lose weight at every single weigh-in of the new year thus far. Here’s to hoping my streak continues!

I decided on the first weigh-in of the new year (back on January 8th) that I wanted to be under 200 lbs. by New Year’s Eve 2016. I felt that that goal was very doable, and it’d be something I could work on, slow and steady, for the entirety of the year.

My friend, Sade, weighed me at that first weigh-in, and together we made a plan for weight loss that would enable me to hit that under 200 goal by NYE. At the time, I weighed 243.8 lbs., which meant I needed to lose about 1.2 lbs. every week in order to hit my goal. So far this year, I’ve managed to lose the following: 1.4 lbs., 1.4 lbs. 0.8 lbs., 3.6 lbs., and 0.4 lbs.

That means—you guessed it—that I’m totally on target at the moment!

In fact, if I work hard enough, there’s a chance I might be able to reach the goal by my second rebirthday on September 12th. I’m not holding my breath for that, though; right now, I’m sticking with my original plan and goal, because I know that that’s doable.

When I last wrote, I mentioned the Super Bowl 5K… but before I get too much into that, let’s hear it for the Broncos, yeah?

Denver cheered itself into quite a tizzy earlier this week… There were lots of celebrations happening, including a parade on Tuesday that saw more than 1.2 million people skipping work and school to attend (I was not one of them, unfortunately). The last two times we won the Super Bowl back in ’97 and ’98, my dad took me to the parades, and, to this day, I remember just how awesome they were… I remember sitting on his shoulders, waving my little Bronco pennant in the air with one hand and stretching the other out to wave at John Elway and Terrell Davis.

I wish I’d gone this year!

Anyhow—the 5K that morning went OK. My friend Jay—the friend that convinced me to do the very first 5K I did back in December—came out to walk with me after he read my blog.

There were tons of people there—this was, by far, the most participants I’ve seen at a race yet. It was cold and windy, and there were several parts of the race path that were horribly icy (I almost ate it several times), so I think it was my least favorite race thus far.

I was also terribly out of shape and out of practice… Since having my wisdom teeth removed, I hadn’t done any exercising. In fact, I hadn’t done much walking or moving, period. During my surgical recovery, I just laid around in bed or on the couch… And that was pretty obvious to me the second we started.

I came in 789th place overall, 94th place in my age division, and it took me 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 1 second to finish the race.

So yeah… This was the worst one I’ve completed yet—ha! But guess what… I did it! Like I’ve said before… To me, it’s not about finish times; it’s about finish lines! As long as I finish, that’s all that matters to me!



The next race is tomorrow! Hello, Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re all doing well and that you’ve had a wonderful week! Charlie Brown and I are about to go for a walk because it’s a lovely day outside; here’s to hoping it’s lovely wherever you are, too!

Until next time,

Eat well. Be well.







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