239 (sigh)


Starting Weight: 318.2 lbs.
Weight Last Week: 237.6 lbs.
Current Weight: 239 lbs.
Weekly Change: +1.4 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 79.2 lbs.

Hi, friends!

Whelp, it’s official: the losing streak is over! After 5 consecutive weeks of weight loss, my body decided that it’d had enough! I was, sadly, up 1.4 lbs. this week… The reason? I’m not sure! It was just one of those things.

We all know that weight loss isn’t linear. Sometimes you can do everything “right” and the scale just doesn’t reflect that… But oh well. I was happy with my week—honestly—and I’m not going to let this bum me out. Life’s too short!

When I wrote last week, I briefly mentioned that I’d be doing a 5K on Valentine’s Day… and I  did!


My arms are my most hated feature… But I took a chance and wore a shirt that showed them off anyway… Because I figured, hey—I’m here to exercise! My fat arms and loose skin is nobody else’s business!


It was a really nice day, and there wasn’t any ice out on the race trail, which was great! This time around, my friends and I didn’t stick together—everyone walked/jogged/ran at their own pace, which was totally fine. I was the last of the group to finish, and it was honestly no surprise to me. I know, generally, what I’m capable of, and I did my best!

But I do have to tell you… I definitely felt fat at this race—I absolutely, positively felt that extra 75-ish lbs. on my back… and it sucked!

There were moments during this race that I actually wanted to quit—and by quit, I mean I seriously thought about veering off just a little to the left after mile 2 and walking the hundred or so yards straight to my car… seriously.

It’s still really hard for me to get out there and do these races. No matter how many walks I go on, no matter how many miles I log, it doesn’t get any easier or more enjoyable for me. Every second of every minute I spend doing this is miserable, and I use the time to reflect upon where I’d rather be and what I’d rather be doing.

In general, it’s one big suckfest, and I just mumble to myself the whole way that it’s mind over matter and that after dedicating an hour of my time to this, I can be done.

It still boggles my mind that people find this fun. I’m tempted to believe that people that do this purely for the sake of enjoyment need to be committed.

Anyway—I came in 525th place overall, 101st place in my age division, and it took me 58 minutes and 21 seconds to finish… Meaning that I 1) finished in under an hour and 2) improved a good deal from the week before by managing to knock about 6 minutes off of my time… which I guess is a victory if you want to call it that (the sarcasm is of epic proportions here).

Yesterday after the scale rained on my parade, Stephanie (my Weight Watchers leader) and I walked it off—literally. The two of us ended up going for a walk and doing 3.13 miles, which—you guessed it—is the equivalent of another 5K.


If I didn’t love Stephanie so much, I’d have never agreed to this… But rarely would I pass up a chance to chat with her, and I will admit… I did go home feeling a whole lot better… though that wasn’t because of the walk—it was, 110%, because of Steph.

But oh well.

This is my life now, I guess.

It’s all part of the process.

When all else fails, exercise—right?

I want to go white water rafting this summer with my friends. If we can all manage to sneak away (which might be difficult since we’re all signed up for summer school and we’ll be stuck working our miscellaneous jobs, too), we can schedule either a half day or a full day guided trip up in the Rockies and then make a weekend of it.

I need to drop another 10-20 lbs. before attempting this adventure, but I’m hopeful.

I’m doing really well these days and feeling really great… I sense good things on the horizon.

We’ve had a couple of really unseasonably warm days here in Colorado this past week, and it’s got me jonesin’ for warmer months. And baseball. And rain. And everything else that makes summertime in my hometown what it is.

These warm days and my daydreams about summertime are what prompted the whole white water rafting adventure idea. My goal for this summer is to get out and do and see more in this beautiful, beautiful place where I live before I potentially leave it behind for good so that I can chase my dreams elsewhere.

The more weight I can lose before then, the better!

Overall, I feel really good (so far) about the week ahead. I’ve already shopped, so I’ve stocked up on healthy food, done my meal planning, and taken the steps I need to take to make sure this week is a good one.

I hope you’re all well and that you, too, have high hopes for this week!

Drop me a line. I love hearing from you always!

Until next time,

Eat well. Be well.










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