I’m not dead!

Holy guacamole, guys… It’s been over a month!

Anybody still out there?

I have a litany of I’m sorrys ready for you, but I don’t expect you really want to hear ’em.

I’ve gotten a little sloppy and irregular with the blog—at least compared to when I first started this little writing adventure—and I know you guys have noticed because I get emails from time to time stating such.

But life is busy, you know? A lot has happened in the last month or so—some good things, and some not-so-good things.

My weight during this period has, as usual, been up and down… and up and down!

But I’m still truckin’ right along… I’m still trying, and I can still see that light at the end of the tunnel that signals the end of this losing process and the start of a new facet of the journey—aka, maintaining a healthy weight for the rest of my life!

But, alas, we aren’t quite there yet. I’ve still got poundage to lose, so I’ve definitely not made it to the end of this particular road just yet.

So, with that said, before I give you a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to while I’ve been away, here are my weight stats:

Weight Graph

Weigh-in #77 (aka, my last posted weight): 240 lbs.
Weigh-in #78: 241.4 lbs.
Weigh-in #79: 239.6 lbs.
Weigh-in #80: 237.8 lbs.
Weigh-in #81: 238.6 lbs.
Weigh-in #82: 240.8 lbs.
Weigh-in #83: 239.6 lbs.

Can anybody say yikes?!

Once I finally make it out of the 230s, I am vowing to never end up back here. This decade has been unusually cruel to me! It’s like some deathly sand trap that I just can’t escape from… It’s a major bummer!

But, still, I’m determined to get out of here… I just have to figure out how!

Let’s see how this week goes, shall we?!

Now… on to bigger and better things!

Here are some of the really cool things that have happened to me since I’ve been away:

1) On March 6, 2016, I did 5K number 5: That Dam Run! It was my best time ever—and I do mean ever! By the time my Fitbit let me know I’d hit the 2 mile mark, I was only out for just over 30 minutes! Yes—you read that correctly… I did 2 miles in about 30 minutes’ time… meaning I was doing 15 minute miles! Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep it going through to the end because I was totally wiped out, but, still, I finished that race way beyond my wildest expectations:

Overall place: 419th (out of 461)
Age division place: 49th (out of 55)
Gender division place: 269 (out of 304)
Time: 52 minutes, 52 seconds 



2) I was offered (and accepted!) admission into the prerequisites/leveling program I applied to at the University of Colorado! In my last blog, I mentioned that I was incredibly anxious about my application, but, thankfully, that was all for naught. I beat out several other highly qualified candidates and was accepted into the cohort, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This is an incredible opportunity, and it’s a major stepping stone towards achieving my dreams. Things are looking up!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.20.05 PM

3) I started working for Weight Watchers! This one isn’t actually quite so new, but I figured it was time to stop dropping hints and beating around the bush with this and just tell you all my good news! I actually had my first interview with the company on December 15th, 2015, and I was hired not long after. They let me loose into the meeting rooms (for the most part) a couple of months ago, but I’m still not entirely done with my training. I’m working as both a meeting leader and a receptionist, and while they’ve fully handed over the reception reigns, the leader handoff hasn’t been quite so easy. There’s a lot that goes into being a Weight Watchers leader (more than I think you’d probably guess), and I still have to attend a big training conference with other new leaders out of state before I’m going to be entrusted to go completely solo with my own members and my own teams. It’s a lot of responsibility for this 23-year-old, but, honestly, I love it!

As is the case with any company, there’s always office drama and weird office politics and whatnot, but at the end of the day, I love my job. I love getting to meet so many incredible people, I love to hear the stories behind weight loss and connect with members on a personal level, and I love, more than anything, that I get to “pay it forward.” Weight Watchers saved my life, and it gave me the hope that I needed in order to fix what was horribly, horribly broken in the depths of my soul… and that, truly, is why I took a job with this company. I felt like I needed to give something back to the entity that gave me back my life, and I felt, too, like I needed to reach out to people looking for honest-to-goodness help—especially those like me, those that need to lose way more than your average 20-30 lbs.

WW Selfie

4) I’ve been getting smaller even though the scale has been doing this awful roller coaster impersonation! Look at me, look at me!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.35.20 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.35.43 PM

CB Bday!

Kumi's Shower!

So yeah. That about covers all of the “good” in my life this past month!

Which means, unfortunately, that it’s time to get to the not-so-good things…

My dad took a really terrible tumble down a flight of stairs after slipping on some black ice at work when a blizzard hit us a couple of weeks ago, and he was hurt pretty badly. He’s already had the first of two surgeries and will now be laid up until at least the end of June, and when I say laid up, I truly mean laid up—he’s not allowed to get out of bed except to use the bathroom or go to doctor/surgical appointments, and even then he can’t put any weight on his badly mangled leg… he has to use crutches (sparingly) or the scooter that workman’s comp sent him.

I’ve been helping out the best I can, and it’s been stressful. There’s been a lot of comfort/emotional eating occurring as a result of that, and I’ve also been eating a lot of quick and easy food, too—meaning I’ve become somewhat of a regular (again) at crappy fast food joints, convenience stores, and the frozen food aisle at my local grocery store.

My dear friend Betty (whom I’ve written about on the blog several times), is also in bad shape. The doctors have said that, at this point, we need to accept the fact that the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is going to win this well fought battle… And that’s been a hard pill to swallow. I’m trying my best to just follow Betty’s lead with this, but it’s just a really, really sad situation all around. However, it’s Betty’s choice how she wants to spend the remainder of her life, and since she’s decided that now we need to focus on quality of life versus longevity, I have some reckoning to do.

On top of all of that, my childhood best friend of 20 years is about a month-and-a-half away from delivering her first child, and her family is, unfortunately, not providing her with all of the love and support that’s needed during this major upheaval. Because of that, I’ve promised to help her in absolutely any way that I can because, well, what else do you do when someone you’ve experienced literally all of life’s twists and turns with needs you? This, too, is a big bucket of added stress, but it is what it is. Sometimes life can break your heart in ways that you never quite imagined were possible… I guess that’s just all part of growing up.

So yeah… Easy to see why my weight has been fluctuating, huh? Life’s been quite a doozy.

Today I went to Sam’s Club with my mom (since she and my dad have a membership and I don’t) and got a ton of healthy stuff—including more fresh fruit than I might be capable of actually eating before it spoils… but I’m going to make a valiant effort! I’m really determined to see a decent loss this week, so my plan is to amp up my fruit and veggie consumption like nobody’s business. I still have high hopes of getting out of the 200s by the time 2016 is finished, but I really need to get back on the losing train if I have any real shot at doing it.

I also need to get better about blogging, so that’s part of the plan, too. The more I write down my thoughts and reconcile what’s going on in life in this manner, the better I seem to do, overall, with my health and weight loss journey. I really need to hold myself extra, extra, extra accountable again, and I know from experience that a good way to go about doing that is to blog regularly… so expect to start hearing from me a bit more again here, and also expect me to start popping back up on your pages, too!

I hope you’re all doing well! Drop me a line and let me know how things are going.

Until next time,

Eat well. Be well.






One thought on “I’m not dead!

  1. I’m so happy for you for all the good things happening in your life. Life does have its roller coaster moments and we all have to do the best we can and not let it get to us too much. I know, easier said than done, but those things eventually do pass and/or get better. Even though your weight fluctuated in the past month, you are still down and that’s great! You can definitely see all your hard work in your pictures. Keep up the good work and you’ll be there before you know it.


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