Finding my way back.

The blog is currently under construction, so please bear with me.

I feel like it’s time to do a little renovation to better reflect who I am now and where I’m headed on this journey. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon how you look at it) I am no longer the same 21-year-old girl that started this blog back in 2014… And I think it’s time to showcase that.

So! In the meantime… Here are the basics I think you should know right now:

  • I switched my weigh-in day to Thursday. I work a Weight Watchers meeting on Thursday nights, so it’s a really easy and convenient time for me to just hop on the scale and get a weight recorded.
  • I decided to totally and completely restart on Thursday, June 1st. This was somewhat of a hard decision to come to because on one hand, I don’t want to negate what I’ve done over the course of almost three years. Yes, I’ve gained some weight back… But I haven’t gained it all back, so starting from scratch feels kind of wrong… But on the other hand, I simply cannot just pick back up exactly where I left off back in the heyday of my weight loss. Circumstances have changed, my motivation and mindset are both in a different place, my goals and focus have both been completely redirected, and, most importantly, I am not the same girl anymore. A total restart allows me to accept all of those things and establish a new normal… So that’s what I’m going to do.
  • I am going to start the Whole 30 on July 1st. I will still be utilizing the Weight Watchers app while I do this; I’m simply going to switch my tracker over to Simply Filling and then make adjustments as necessary.

After one week of kicking some of my nasty habits (namely, drinking booze and eating crappy, grease-bucket fast food), I weighed in on June 7th and managed to lose 7.6-lbs!

Unfortunately, this last week didn’t go quite as well. I started having pain on the right side of my face sometime mid-last week. I let this go on for 3 days before I finally decided to see my dentist. I couldn’t figure out where the pain was localized, but, regardless, the dentist seemed like the best option… Good thing I went in, too, since it turns out I was in need of a root canal. My dentist prescribed me an antibiotic and a narcotic for pain, and then he sent me to an endodontist.

For the last week I’ve been on the “root canal diet,” which basically means I’ve been eating a bunch of processed, soft, easy to chew food. I’ve definitely been off my game food-wise, but I have been tracking everything… which is how I know I’m -29 points for the week.

My plan is to weigh-in tonight at work and face the scale like a trooper, and then give it everything I’ve got this week to do better—tooth pain and temporary crown situation be damned!

I’m off to Las Vegas next Thursday with a big group of friends, so I’m expecting my food choices to go off track a bit. However, we’re staying at an airbnb instead of a hotel, which means we’ll be eating at home and cooking the food ourselves a good bit of the time. I think that booze is going to be my biggest problem, honestly, but I’m content with that. A long weekend in Vegas calls for a little carefree partying—it’s part of being in your mid-twenties. I’ll have my Fitbit with me all weekend, and I know that I’ll get plenty of walking in, so I’m not concerned in the slightest. I need a little break from reality and quality time with the people I love, so this is just the ticket!

I hope you guys are all doing well! Drop me a line and let me know how things are going!




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